Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Registered for Guard Dog Sprint

I have registered for the Guard Dog Sprint Tri, March 5th. Much thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Camino for supplying the funds which allowed me to do this without dipping in to by surfboard sale money. You guys are the best.
This race will merely be a special workout day, with no hiccups in my training plan at all. I'm not planning a taper or a recovery because the time it takes to complete this race is actually less than the time it would take to do the workout I have planned for that day. The goal of the race is to get another triathlon under my belt, get in to the headspace I need to be in for a race, and see where I'm at training-wise so far. And to have fun, of course.


  1. YAY!! Such wonderful Dirtbag supporters. WOO HOO. Go Doug! Love Mom and Skip

  2. Yeah yeah yeah!!!! So glad we could help :-)