Saturday, February 19, 2011

Give 'im the Beans

Run Day

time- 45 minutes
distance- 4.91mi

Today was my first interval run of this training cycle. Much like last time, I ran five minutes, sprinted five minutes, jogged five minutes, and then repeated. As expected, everything gets slower as the run time goes on. On the whole, though, I'm quite happy with how my final sprint went. I really felt like I was pulling through my hamstrings, having a quick cadence, and holding on to a good speed for most of that five minutes. I do, however, think that five minute chunks might be too long. Its too much recovery time on the jog and its too easy to fall off of on the sprint. So next time I might drop it down to two or three minutes and see how that goes.
Back to selling my board. I now can afford to register for another tri and purchase aerobars for my bike. Which means, of course, I'm now having doubts about doing either of those things. I think it would be better for me to get another race in rather than the 40 miles ride I would have March 5th if I didn't register, mostly because the point of all this running about is to race, and the more races I do the better I'll get at them. So I think I will register. Just haven't yet.
Aerobars are trickier because I'm not sure what kind to buy. Should I hit and get from there? Should I go to my LBS and get from there? Are there specific sizing options that I need to think about, making buying online all the more difficult? I know I think I want (what a tortured sentence so far!) clip-ons so that I can have them on or off, but I don't know how that changes things. These questions, you would think, could be answered by the helpful people on forums and message boards, which is the second reason for the internet (behind, obviously, porn). But when you ask this many questions to a large community of cycling and triathlon people you get many many many answers, most of which conflict. Which means I'll probably end up at my LBS and trust them not to rob me blind, which they haven't done so far.

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  1. Aerobar note: Forgot that I left the top brakes on, so those will have to be taken off by the guys at IT&B if I do go with aerobars, which I think I will. Amazon is so much cheaper than shops. Looking at the Profile Design T2+ Aluminum. Affordable, adjustable, basic. Boca has a swap meet next weekend so I'll wait to buy until I can check out what they have. And so I can stew for a bit longer.