Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ride Day

dist- 15.6mi

*dope forgot to start and stop my watch at stoplights so this is a good guess

I am stronger than my mind thinks. After school, when I've been up all day, teaching, trying to pour knowledge in to little heads, I am tired. I want a nap. I want to sit on the couch and exert just enough energy to grab the remote, and no more.
Why am I so tired? What have I done today? Physically. Mentally I've been kicking my ass. But even with the high-wire, wanna-be rock star way I teach I'm not really expending a ton of energy. But, damn I'm tired at the end of the day.
Why? Because my brain is taking over my body. My brain is tired, and its sending that message to my body. So my body reacts accordingly. This is when I get stronger. This is when break it down.
Because this is when I have to depend on what I Know. I Know I'm stronger than my brain is telling me. I Know that two minutes after I get on that bike I'll be fine. I Know.
Knowing is how I fight through that shit. I love Knowing. It makes me feel stronger than I am. And it readies me for race day, when I need to Know after that swim I'm strong enough to get on the bike. Know that when my legs are wobbly off the bike I'm strong enough to get those first running steps out of the way. Know when I'm halfway through the run that I'm trained for this and I have its measure. I gotta Know.


  1. The hardest part about working out is putting on your shoes. Fight through that shit.

  2. I do believe I'll be writing about this very topic next week. Because it's magic and people need to hear it again (especially some of my friends...)