Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rain or Sweat?

Cycle Day

time- 1:51
distance- 30mi

Powered up Pineapple Hill today better than last time. From base to Dole- 28 minutes. That's about six miles, so I'm not flying but I was better able to focus this time. I fear at that some point during this cycle I'll decided I need to spend the day getting two scoops of Pineapple. That willbe a long day. But make Dirtbag strong. Grr.
Pace and cadence fell off midway through the ride but I found it again before the climb started. My right shoulder gets really tight during these longer rides too. Not sure what that's about, must be tightening up more than I think I am. I try moving it around and shifting positions, as much as one can and not fall off the road, and that helps for a short time. I'm sure I'm still re-adjusting to longer rides and getting comfortable on the bike. I'd say it was a fit issue, but my LBS said the bike fit was great. Oh well, fight through that. The engine is getting stronger.

Oh, and it was sweat. Humid today.

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