Sunday, February 27, 2011

Again I Don't Estimate Distance Well

Ride Day

time- 2:31/2:53
distance- 37mi/42.11mi

Lots of climbing today. Burned my legs right up by the end. Went down to Haleiwa and did my normal lap down there, pushed back up Pineapple Hill in about 28 minutes. It felt very fast. I never felt weak while climbing. Good cadence, good focus, felt strong. But I was still about 15 miles short of my goal so I decided to go on base. I figured I could make up the distance there, go up Kolekole if I needed to.
Felt good getting on base. Felt good starting the climb. But as soon as it started getting nice and steep my cadence and speed crashed and it turned in to one of the slowest times and most painful climbs I've had. Couldn't push. I'm sure it didn't help that I was watching my bike computer and realizing that by the time I get to the to and back down and off base I'll have exceeded my goal distance for the day. I could have turned around but by the time I decided I should I was halfway up and you can't stop a climb halfway. So I fought through it.
Finished my 37 miles in 2:31, which isn't bad especially because I spent around 50 total minutes of it climbing. Finished the total ride of 42 miles in 2:53. Seems like a long time to be on the bike, but its a good thing. I'll get faster. I'll get stronger. My tri times will drop.
Next week is a recovery week. Next Saturday is also the Guard Dog triathlon. Looking forward to both.

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