Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Rain!

Ride Day (plus T-Run)

ride time- 1:47
ride distance- 27.7mi
T-run time- 10 minutes

Looked like rain. Looked ugly to the south. Lucky for me I was heading north and I was having none of it. Probably because I'm so damn fast on the bike, I pure outrode the weather. Or maybe because the rain usually moves north to south and it wouldn't have caught me anyway. Nah, gotta be the first reason.
Still don't feel as quick on the bike as I'd like. Takes some time for the engine to warm up and even then I don't feel like I'm kicking as hard as I could be. Or I am kicking hard, I'm just not getting the pay-off. Just gotta keep at it. I am getting fast. I just don't feel fast yet. I feel moderate.
The plan was to climb Kolekole like normal but halfway up the hill I was stopped at a barricade with a sign posted, "Live Fire Exercise In Progress. Road Temporarily Closed." What the hell? They closed my climb so some guys can play Army? Granted, my road is on an Army base. And the guys playing Army are...Army. Still. Lame. So I went down to the bottom, turned around and road back to the barricade, then back down again. Not quite as steep of a climb that way but at least it was something. Besides, riding on base is safer than our on the roads.
After I got home I went for an easy ten minute T-run to get the legs prepped for my upcoming Sprint tri. Felt ok. Calves were tight. Do it again next Wednesday, then a few times before my April Sprint, then a few more times prior to the big race in May.
Every Thursday I think, "I am so glad tomorrow is a rest day." Today? I am so glad tomorrow is a rest day. Dirtbag can use one.

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