Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting It...then Dragging Ass

Ride Day

distance- 35mi

Disclosure: Today was supposed to be 37 miles. I overestimated how far parts of my planned ride were and, by the time I was again close to home, I was tired and figured who cares about two more stupid miles. So there.
Today started well. Ripped down Pineapple Hill, so fast in fact that I got to pass a few cars. They were stuck behind someone going very slow because, well, this is Hawaii and that happens quite often. It's cool to pass a car on a bicycle. But don't wave. Front end wobble will ensue. This is scary.
Did my normal thirty mile course around Haleiwa and back up Pineapple Hill, doing my best not to look up the climbs but just past the front tire or at the computer instead, willing it to stay above seven. Which it did when I remembered not to stare up the hill. Kinda kills the motivation when you look at how much further you have to go. Better to just look in front of you and push. Made it from the base to Dole in 28 minutes, I think, which isn't too bad at all. Even stopped for a moment to help a man and his wife on a rental Harley figure out where the nearest gas station was. Dirtbag Civic Duty!
The problem once I passed Dole was I thought a lap through Wahiawa and by the base would get me those seven miles I was missing. Turns out I was missing more like 12, because I'd forgotten that 30 mile course wasn't actually 30 miles, I always have to add to it. So at the end of my lap through Wahiawa I still had, you guessed it, seven miles to go. How was I to know? I only ride my bike on these roads three days a week. Dope. So it was back to Dole and then home, which still wasn't long enough but I didn't care at that point. I was already thinking about mowing the lawn after my ride. (Potentially Offensive But True Side Note: I am not Mexican enough to be good at yard work.)
Tomorrow is the Great Aloha Run so instead of an early morning swim and then a ride in the afternoon I'll be jogging eight miles with thousands of other people. Only goal is to enjoy myself. I figure I swim strongly enough to miss one day in the pool.
I also see purchases in the near future for Team Dirtbag, stay tuned for that. And a Big Charity Ride Announcement is also forth coming. I know you're on the edge of your seat. Try not to check back too many times in one day. Your boss will notice.

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