Friday, August 23, 2013

I Wrote a Book!

Hey everybody!
I wrote a book. It's called He's the Weird Teacher. It's not about fitness, though there is a metaphor involving triathlon. It's about teaching, and if you are at all interested in teaching, or are a teacher, or have a child who knows a teacher, you should read it. Please follow THIS LINK to the He's the Weird Teacher blog for more information about where to buy it. Also, if you look up in the corner of this blog you'll see links to the book as well. It's currently only available in ebook, but the paperback will be released soon.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DF 2.0- Oregon Edition

I am running, I swear.
I'm not updating much right now. We do not have internet yet in our new apartment. We scheduled and it will take a week for them to flip the switch or plug in the whatsit or whatever it is that they do to make internet magic happen. So this update comes from my classroom, which has wifi. I'm taking a well-deserved break from set-up to let anyone who list reads this know what is going down in Dirtbag Fitness Land.
The Rogue Run 1/2 Marathon is hanging over my head, which is great because it keeps getting me outside on my feet. I finally unpacked my Box 'O Fitness Gear as well, so yesterday was my first VFF/Garmin run in months. I went about 3.3mi in about 33 minutes, because I'm not quick but I'm consistent when I'm slow.
It's freaking hot here right now. I went for my run at 5:30 at the phone said it was still 89*. Different hot from Hawaii though. Much drier here, and that is an adjustment. Even drier than where I was running in Washington, which was right on the water. I'm learning the area around the house, and running is a great way to do that. The bike has been put together too, so I'll head out for a ride on it soon and explore slightly farther out.
A lot of stuff is closer than it seems. We live pretty much right in downtown Medford, so the main drag isn't far from the house, and there is a mall and a movie theater and a bunch of parks within walking distance. That means I'm crossing streets and waiting at lights, so yesterday I would turn whichever way meant I didn't have to stop. Hard to get lost, because I'm not going far from the house yet. And it's crazy flat, so climbing will have to be searched out. There are running groups here that I'll probably hook up with once I'm not embarrassed by my endurance. Same with the cycling groups. I don't see myself riding or running with a big group often, but it will be a good way to make friends and meet people. And find events.
The worst part about working out here right now, worse than the dry heat, is the smoke. There are a bunch of forest fires all over the Southern Oregon area and some days the smoke obscures the mountains in the distance. Some days it obscures the trees down the block. I'm not all about running in heavy fire smoke, so we'll see what happens on the bad days. I think even the lower levels of smoke I was getting yesterday impacted my run.
Feel stronger though. I'm happy that I'm getting out, I'm checking the box, I'm breaking a sweat and bringing the soreness.
I won't have the mileage you're supposed to have by the time the half gets here, but I should have built up the mental toughness again that it'll take to suffer through.
Welcome to Dirtbag Fitness 2.0- Oregon Edition.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Rogue Run- Rogue River Half Marathon

Here's the deal-
I'm not training like I'd like. But I didn't have an event to train for. Plus we've been moving and moving and moving.
Well, we finally found an apartment in Medford, OR, where I will be teaching third grade. Which meant it was time to start digging for events. And, wouldn't you know it, it looks like there aren't ANY local triathlons. Everything will be a drive and probably an overnight stay. But there is a running club and a cycling club, so I'll be visiting them as soon as I get settled in.
To get myself some motivation the Super Awesome Wife saw that there was a half marathon upcoming and she suggested I register. Cost for late reg- $55. Coming from Hawaii, I'm going to be amazed at low prices of things for a while, and that wasn't something I could pass up.
I'm officially in training for the Rogue Run- The Rogue River Half Marathon. We'll see what I can get up to in six weeks. I'll be alright. It'll hurt. There will be walking. But it will get did.
More coming soon.
Also, my book will be out soon. Please head over to my other blog, He's the Weird Teacher, and check out all that good information.