Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honolulu Tri 50/50 Results 2012

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these results up. I've been, to say the very least, really really really hugely massively busy. So this got kind of dropped to the bottom of the To Do list. But I've got a few free minutes so let's get this show on the road, shall we?
First- the guesses


Misty (Jane)

Summer- Official Trainer of Dirtbag Fitness

Sean (Diesel)

Amelia (last year's winner)


Matt (Tri Cook)

My final time this year was a blazing(ly slow)...

My rules from last year were the winner is simply the closest time, we aren't playing the Price is Right here so I don't care about over or under.
This means that the closest person to the pin is...AMELIA! (again!) She guessed 2:40.00, which puts her a minute fifteen over the actual time. That's pretty darn good. I'll be in touch with her shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who played. It is a huge amount of help! I really appreciate it. Look for a Dirtbag Fetus Contest coming up soon.
Speaking of Time Guessing Contests, now that you've read mine you should all head over to Tri Cook's page and get in on his Guess My Honu Finish Contest. It's 100% cheaper than mine was.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dirtbag Fetus

Swim start
Dirtbag Fetus' expected finish time is 12/11/12. We won't be sure if Dirtbag Fetus is competing in the men's or women's division until then. We are cheering loudly from the sidelines and can't wait for the finish, but want to be sure Dirtbag Fetus takes its time and finishes strong and healthy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Honolulu Olympic Tri '12 Race Report

Honolulu Olympic Tri Race Report

Swim- 1500yds - 25:15
T1- 2:11
Bike- 40km- 1:12.24
T2- 2:08
Run- 10km- 56:49
Total Time- 2:38.45

I have mixed feelings about this race, so rather than dive straight into the report, I feel I should go over an idea that I've had recently. Maybe you should grab a snack, dear reader, I honestly have no idea how long we will be here.
You may remember me mentioning that a week ago during my long run I had foot fail. Self- and friend-diagnosed as sesamoiditis, it pretty much kept me off my feet all week. No running for me. And I had no idea how it was going to feel during today's race. It didn't act up until mile seven last Sunday, so would I be able to get away with a 10k? Would I start limping halfway through the run? Would I not even be able to run through transitions? I had no idea, and I wasn't willing to test it before today in case I aggravated it. And then Thursday I woke up feeling kind of fuzzy. By Friday after my swim the fuzzy morphed a pretty solid head cold. You know when you wake up and your throat is killing you because you've been dripping what seems to be acid into it all night? Yeah, all kinds of that going on since Friday.
These sound like excuses, and right now they still feel like excuses. And don't worry, I've got one or two more up my sleeve, but they don't play into this particular point. The point I'm trying to make right now is that for the last week the outcome of this race has been very hazy. Injured and sick is not how you want to go into something, and is definitely not the making of a PR. So I had to reevaluate. What were my goals? Well, the big goal is to keep in mind that this year the Honolulu Triathlon is NOT the Big Goal. That comes in two weeks. So that means if my foot hurts, I'm walking. This is a B-race. It should be hard, it should hurt, but it should also be fun. I mulled this for a while before reaching my Big Goal for this race:
Finish Proud.
I feel like this idea should get its own post, so I'm not going to go too deeply into it now, but the basic version is I didn't know if I was going to be able to Finish Hard, which is what I'd like. So I figured as long as I Finshed Proud, proud of myself, feeling like I poured what I had into the race, then I would call it a win. And I do think I did that.
Now, before we get to the race report proper I have two more excuses/reasons I was seven minutes slower this year than last year. Ready?
1) Last year this was my A Race. Everything I did for three and a half months was focused on this race. This year it's the B Race. I thought about it, but my training was never specific for it. It was never in my head as The Race. That has an effect.
2) I didn't taper at all. Sure, I barely worked out this week, but that was because I was sick, not because I was resting up for the race. So while I wasn't worn out before it, I also wasn't really rested up.
Enough excuse-making! On to the race report!
I did not warm-up the swim. My reason is simple- the line to the Port-a-Potty's was really long. I seriously went from there, kissed the Super Awesome Wife, and made it to the starting corral as the Elite wave was taking off.
Not warming up is not something I recommend. However, 1500yds gives my plenty of time to warm up. I don't like it, I want to shake those bugs out before I'm in the mass start mosh pit, but whatever. It was what it is. Last time I raced, during the Lanikai, my stroke never evened out. It felt choppy and broken the whole time. This time I felt much better, smoother. Not the whole swim, but I had good 100 yard chunks where my body position got right and everything felt smooth. The masses make for an interesting first 200 yards or so, but in a wave start you get spread out rather nicely after not too long. Especially in a long out-and-back course like this one. I had clear water for the majority of the swim, which is how I like it. Obviously. No one likes doing 25 minutes of swimming with some dumbass crawling up their legs. And this is where I start blaming being sick on my time. My perceived effort on the swim was high. I thought I worked hard and had a nice fast swim. My actual time was fairly slow. A 25 minute swim means I was doing 1:44/100s. Not so hot for me. But if you had asked I would have guessed at 1:35 split averages.
Two other swim notes- I chafed a little under my arms because of my tri top, something that I should have thought about because it happened during the North Shore swims. I need to remember to though some Glide on before the Honu, because that will be no fun. Also, I want you to check out the awesome Garmin data I got for the swim. I wore it on my wrist, and I knew that would give me a goofy read, but I just wanted it for time and so I didn't have to deal with putting it on in transition. But seriously, that map is fantastic. It thinks I swam two and a quarter miles in 25 minutes. I was FLYING!
Up the beach and into the parking lot and this was the first time I glimpsed how my foot might hold up. Actually felt good. No pain. Oh good. Transition to the bike went fast. No problems. Grabbed a Gu and tucked it into my tri short leg. Handy carrying place, that. Away I went.

Smiling! That's a good thing.

Smiling again! This is good.

The bike is the other place where my perceived effort does not match my data. I felt like I was cranking for most of the ride. Really putting in down and going for it. And for some of the ride I was. Check out the speed spike in the data near the front of the ride. That is when I was bombing down Lagoon Drive. Out is with the wind, back is into it, so I figured I would take advantage and really hammer while I was getting help from Mr. Aeolus. Felt good, made some passes, it was good. And even coming back was pretty decent. Sure, I dropped huge in speed but last year during that section I started hating life. This year I was merely hurting.
After that we went out to the Arizona Memorial, which is our turn-around. There are a few not-very-significant climbs along the way that I feel like I powered up and over. Again, the data doesn't really back up Dirtbag FantasyLand. I'm beginning to think I did the first two events in my own personal Dreamatorium*. As we were heading back I popped the Gu I had in my short for a little extra energy during the mystery run. We got sprinkled on a little bit while we were out on the course and I hoped that would continue on the run. Running in rain is awesome and fast. No such luck.
A big difference from last year's bike, and nearly every bike I've done, and a reason I felt like I was having a good ride, was that I mixed it up with other riders a lot this year. There was much passing and overtaking rather than just being overtaken. Oh, that did happen. A lot. And when some of these fellas with their disc wheels and super aero bikes fly by you wonder how the hell they could be going so fast. But I got to play leapfrog with one dude in full kit and compression socks for a good seven miles, and tracked another guy for pretty much the whole ride. Riding with others and feeling like you're really racing them makes triathlon more fun.
T2 went well if not particularly quick. I should be out of there in under a minute, for sure under two, so 2:11 is kind of slow. However, let's revisit this "2:11 is a slow T2" statement after the Honu, when I take five minutes or more. My only big happy take away from T2 is I slipped my feet out of my shoes coming into the parking lot which meant all I had to do was hop off and run barefoot with my bike shoes still clipped in. Way faster, and hey, I get to run barefoot! Bonus.
As I've said only about 400 times so far, I had no idea how my foot was going to hold up. So imagine my surprise when I came out of T2 running strong and solid. My pace was high, nothing hurt, I was feeling great. Good kick, high cadence, no bike fatigue. Ok, let's go. Remember, up until now I had been feeling great and was sure I was on pace for a stellar race. Then The Sick caught up with me. Took a while, but the sun was high in the sky, temperatures were rising, and I started feeling kinda crappy. If you check out the data for this leg of the race, watch as my pace crashes. I shouldn't be shocked, I haven't done any speed work at all, all my running has been focused on building the strongest endurance engine I can. That said, even though I didn't feel fast this year, I still felt better than I did during the run last year. I was hating it last year. But looking at the race report, I help a quick pace. I don't know how. All three legs of this race felt better than last year, and all three were slower. Ok, not true. The rides were almost identical. But again, I felt better this year. I felt faster. My perceived exertion was all screwy.
Mentally, six miles is so so much easier than it was. That felt like a really long run last year, and this year every run I do is longer than six. So that wasn't so bad. I hurt in the middle, mile two and a half to four. But I knew that after three miles its all downhill, its nearly done. I managed to get the pace back down for the last two miles, which makes me happy and I wish I could have held that longer or done it earlier. The run course, as you can see, was really funky. Lots and lots of turns, two U-turns that were basically in the middle of the course. That's where my pace drops way down in the middle, I was asking a volunteer to be sure I was going to right way. Race director fail. We were supposed to have Ka'a'ako Park too, which would have stretched the course. But there was some kind of charity run over there this morning because no one can read a permit. Anyway, small kine complaint really because considering how massive the Honolulu Triathlon is, excuse me, the Honolulu Triathlon International Festival of Sports is, there were no major problems. We started on time. All the volunteers were great. Aid stations were plentiful. The courses were well-marked.

 I passed the five mile marker, after getting passed by literally half the field, and put my head down. I was feeling the head cold in my neck and the pit of my stomach, but with only a mile and some left I had to fight through it. We ran by the transition area and into Magic Island, which is what that park at the bottom of the run map is called, which you would know if you could read the map. In transition they were blasting music. What should come on as I run by? "Shook Me (All Night Long)" by the mighty AC/DC! Hell yeah. So I did the only thing any rational person in my situation would do. I run-SOSMSed. A SOSMS, for those of you not one of the three people in on this joke, stands for Sudden Onset Slayer Moment Syndrome. This is an affliction suffered by heavy metal and rock fans across my house in which any time you hear an awesome riff (usually Slayer, but not always) you must headbang and air-instrument. You might not even hear the riff, it might just randomly pop into your head. So yes, after swimming nearly a mile, biking 25 miles, and running five miles, I ran, sang, head banged, and air-guitared a good twenty yards. That's right. This should be fun. And SOSMS are fun. Try it some time.
When you head into the park you think, "I'm almost done! Yay!" And you're right, but not really. You still have about a mile to go. That's not almost done! That's about half a mile of, "I'm almost done!" Followed by a quarter mile of, "What the hell? Where is the damn finish line?" And then another quarter mile of, "There it is! I can see it from here! Why won't it come closer?"
And across the line.
Ga! I can see the finish! Come to me!

In closing, I'm getting over my time. Yeah, I was seven minutes slower than last year. But there are a lot of reasons for that, and they are good reasons, so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. I took the few hours I thought I deserved to be annoyed by it, but now it's over and I'm past it. Time to taper and focus on the Honu.
I would like to thank, as always, Super Awesome Wife for being there to cheer me on. I know it's not easy getting up so early to watch a race. And all the Dirtbag Friends on island and mainland who I know where cheering me one from their homes. I may not have raced like it, but I felt the love. Congrats to Diesel, who also competed. Kepa too, I think. Kepa, you were there, weren't you? And I need to thank my kick ass sponsor, Background Profiles. If you're in the business of hiring people for your business, or you need to run a background check for whatever reason, please click on the link and check them out. They always show the Dirtbag love.
Here's a few more pictures of me. Why? Because I'm a total narcissist.

Shoot The Moon!

Don't get this? Go here-

*If you get this reference then you are streets ahead and can study with me any time!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Fistful of Workouts

Swim (Thursday)
1 x 200- Warm-up
1 x 1000
total- 1200yds

Ride (Thursday)
time- 1:59
distance- 26.38

Run (Saturday)
time- 2:15
distance- 10.85mi

Ride 1/2 (Sunday)
 time- 5:18
distance- 66mi

Busy week away from blogging for your favorite Dirtbag. Some good workouts in there though. 
The swim is not so much. The reason? I got in the water and then I started thinking about all the stuff I had to do in my classroom to finish the year, we only have a handful of days left, and I couldn't swim any more. I was in the water at around 5:30am, and I figured if I did a good 1000, then I could get out with little guilt and get some cleaning (read: throwing stuff away) done. So that's what I done did.
That afternoon I was feeling tired and didn't think a good ride was going to happen. Normally, I'd have hit Pineapple for two laps, but I really wasn't seeing that. So instead I went on base thinking I'd crank one lap of Kolekole and go home. Well, one went well and it became two. The second one I decided to really hard charge, I tried to break off a piece, and I got to the top hurting and burning and ready to bail. But halfway down the pain went away and some guilt crept in. "You know," my legs said, "You would normally be doing way more climbing than this. And it isn't that far up the hill. We could get another." So we got another, and it was the slowest of the bunch and then I went home. Still, good climbs. 
Saturday was the big run day of the week and it was hooooot. I'm only estimating, but I'm pretty sure it was about 1000*. I'd give the shade temp too, but there is no shade on my run. I embraced the suck, endured a high DSQ, and went out 5.25mi to an excellent view down Pineapple to the ocean.

Turned around, grabbed some Gummy Bears, and headed for home. Somewhere along this part of the run I started getting a light pain behind the big toe on my right foot. By the time I hit Dole it was screaming at me, so I stopped to check it out. No visible problems, I don't know what is going on, but I'm taking it easy from here on. So I walked for a while, then I would run, then I would walk. By the time I got home it was hurting pretty good and I'm still not sure what's up with it. I'm icing and taking it easy. Probably won't run this week at all just to be on the safe side. I'm hoping that I stepped on a sharp rock and bruised something. Otherwise, there might be lots of walking on the Big Island. 
Today's ride was pretty long. A friend new into triathlon had never ridden Pineapple and wanted to, and I was more than happy to take her. But I needed to get some for myself first. So it was meet the Grey at 6:30(ish) and head out to Pupukea and back, a lap that takes around two hours fifteen if you don't stop for a chat with Diesel, who was running up around the Pupukea trails. We had a good ride, pretty fast, we both pushed hard. And then it was back up Pineapple to Dole, where I told Friend Who Needs A Team Dirtbag Name But I Haven't Thought Of One Yet to meet me. The Grey peeled off and headed for home and she and I went for our own ride. It was nice for me because I got to cool it out for the most part. Sucks to bring a friend and then burn her down, so I hung back and chatted and generally enjoyed the ride. She hung like a champ and we went to Kaena Point. Beautiful out there.
 Then it was back past the airfield and conquering Pineapple once more. For her first time up she fought hard and never complained. I stayed with her, trying to talk to keep her focused. It was good for me because I'm normally in the small ring, light gears, trying to spin. But today I stayed in the big ring, still in the light gears because, I mean, come on, but heavier than I'm used to. So it was a nice climb for me. She was red in the face and pedaling hard and, I think, made it better than I did my first time. Then we came back to the house and had some Koa Pancake House, because we'd earned it.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Personally, That Felt Best (AND A BIG THING)

1 x 200- Warm-up
5 x 200- 100- fist, 1, 2, 3/ 100- hard
3 x 300- 4:30
1 x 400- odd 50- easy/even 50- hard
1 x 500- 7:28
1 x 100- cool down

time- 1:15
distance- 7.6mi

Swims are coming along nicely. Tuesday morning's swim let me know that the work is paying off and the stroke is coming back, though I'm still not thrilled with how my core feels late in the workout. Mixing the hard and easy intensities within the sets is a good way to really crank though, because I know there is some chilled yardage coming directly.
My run was fantastic. My out wasn't stellar, not amazing, pretty average. Went out for 3.75 miles because I wanted a 7.5 mile run. Obviously, somewhere in there I added a tenth of a mile, but whatever. Close enough for theater work. As I approached Dole I checked my watch and it said I'd been out for 46 minutes. I thought, "Well, from Dole to home is three miles. I bet I can do that in under 30 minutes. Let's go." Truthfully, I don't think I really thought I could do that. But that was the back of my brain thinking those negative thoughts, and we try not to listen to him. He's a downer. Me and the front of my brain, we were down to getting that done. I know I can average better than 10 minute miles, I do it all the time. But over the last three miles of a warmer-than-normal 7.5 miler? Not sure. It's a great time to find out. So I started repeating, "1:16" in my head and picked up my feet. I waited for my pace to fall off the whole time. I figured I would run this hard until I couldn't, then I would drop back into the normal cruise pace for the rest of the way. But I never really felt like I needed to. My feet hurt and I figured I would be paying the price with a tight AT later, but that can be dealt with. I wanted to set a goal and get some. And I did. Got home at 1:15, a minute under what I wanted. Score! Check out the splits of my last three full miles- 9:44, 9:42, 9:49. That ain't bad. And my pace for the 0.6 final was a blazing(ish) 9:32. I'm thrilled.
And yeah, sore and tight AT, but some ibprophen and the foam roller...and a Dixie cup of ice, and I'm all good now.
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Dirtbag Friends! I come to you with a special contest offer, which is almost a direct repeat of last year's special contest offer.

As you know, the Honolulu Triathlon is coming up and your favorite Dirtbag will competing in the Olympic distance event, my second time at this distance, the first time being last year's event! And if I've learned anything from's Sports Guy its that if something is fun to watch, its way more fun to gamble on. So as a Special Event Fundraiser Extravaganza Dirtbag Fitness proudly presents the 50/50 Guess My Time Challenge!

Here's the scoop:

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-For $25 you can have six guesses. That's one free guess, allowing you to block off a whole minute and a half for only $25.

-You must put your prediction in the comments below on this blog so everyone else can see and we don't get any doubles. Also, please send your predictions with the paypal payment so I have all your information in one place should you win.

-Rather than spoon feed you what I think my time will be, you've gotta use your noggin. I'll tell you it should be slower than two hours but faster than three.

-Remember, you must guess in 15 second increments. Please use a hours:minutes:seconds format for your prediction with along the lines of, "My prediction is a total overall time of 2:03:15. Dirtbag is a rock star of epic proportions!" or "I think Dirtbag will destroy the field with a final time of 1:56:30. I also think his awesomeness will cause any pregnant women he passes to spontaneously give birth, and any fertile but not pregnant women to suddenly become pregnant."

-To sweeten the pot, if you manage to guess my exact time to the second I'll send you 75% of the donations rather than 50%.

-This Fundraising Contest begins today and ends the night of May 19th, which is the day before the race.

If this goes well and there is lots of participation then the pot will be nice and healthy and you'll be able to buy that tank of gas you've always wanted. If it doesn't go well and only two people participate...well then I'll send thank you emails to Dirtbag Parents and Dirtbag Best Friend, give someone their ten bucks, and pretend this never happened.

The relevant information once more is :
$5 = one guess

$25= six guesses
Guess in 15 second intervals

Post guess(es) in the comments below.

Thank you for playing, donating, and reading and good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Stooges Trainer

Trainer set
10 minute warm-up
10 min hard/5 min easy for an hour

You want motivation?

That is Iggy Pop, for those of you not in the know. Iggy was born in 1947. This picture is maybe three year old. I will pause so you can do the math, then I want you to look at the man again. Yeah, I don't know how he does it.
Actually, that's not true. I have a pretty good guess.
He's insane. And he works harder on stage than any performer I've ever seen. We should step back so I can clarify. Yesterday was a trainer session and I've been using my laptop to watch whatever catches my eye while I'm working so that I don't want to slam my head repeatedly into the concrete out of boredom. I forgot that I had an Iggy and the Stooges DVD from 2004 called Live in Detroit so I decided to give that a spin. I am a big Stooges fan, but have never actually sat and watched the whole DVD. I guess I still haven't.
My trainer is not very quiet, and watching or listening to most things while really cranking requires some fill-in-the-blank on my part. I know the song, I can pretty much tell where in the song they are, but I can't hear everything going on. And, because I use my trainer out in the carport so Super Awesome Wife can nap after rough days teaching pre-k SPED kids, sometimes the sun is setting in a way that I can't really see what is going on. So this isn't a recommendation of Live in Detroit. Not because I didn't like it, but because I don't feel like I got enough of it to tell you to spend money on it.
I did get enough of it to tell you that if you like the punk rock, if you enjoy pure rock and roll, if a high energy madman older than your (my) dad writhing and breaking his ass to channel the music directly through his soul turns you on, you should be all about The Stooges and you should run out, or open a new window in your browser at least, and buy their stuff. Personally, Raw Power is my favorite album, but just go get you some.
Iggy live uses more energy in the first two songs than you used last week, including workouts. He doesn't perform so much as translate every note into pure energy. He's insane and I love it.
And it made me work hard. Best trainer session so far yesterday. I spent a lot of time concentrating on keeping my cadence between 90-100 RPMs, really spinning hard and fast. I can feel the clock ticking and while my run won't be great and my swim will only be acceptable, I think my bike is going to surprise me. If you can be surprised by a result you worked hard at for months.
Coming up later today- A Special Dirtbag Surprise! Woohoo! Stay tuned.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Flat Wasn't Mine! (and THE AVENGERS!!!)

time- 3:00
distance- 34mi

First of all- This
What Awesome looks like

The Avengers came out Thursday at midnight. So, ok, it came out Friday. And I am a GIGANTIC nerd. As such, I jumped at the news that a local theater would be showing all the Marvel movies, save the Incredible Hulk, back-to-back as a run up to the midnight showing of The Avengers. For $35 I could not pass this up. So I left work at lunch (it was a meeting day for my grade level, I didn't bail on my kids) and hit the theater. Iron Man started at 2:15pm. Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain American happened. For my money, Cap is the best story of the series so far. And then the Movie You've Been Waiting For Since 2006- The Avengers! Amazing. So good, so much fun, everyone should go see it. It is everything wrong with Micheal Bay movies done right by the only man in Hollywood who could pull it off- Joss Whedon. I don't want to go on and on about it, but it kicks all the ass I hoped it would and then some. When you go, as you should, stay all the way until the credits completely finish. The final thing isn't a tease for a new movie, its just good fun. Trust Dirtbag.
Avengers got out at 2:45am.
So I started sitting in a theater at 2:15pm, and left at 2:45am. This is not the best way to train for anything except life-long virginity. I was freaking wiped. But I'm hardcore and I taught the next day on three hours sleep. Then spent Friday and Saturday catching up. It seems I am getting too mature (not old) to do a giant movie marathon like that and then be fine the next day. So Nick Fury ruined my Saturday run. And he kind of messed up my Sunday ride.
I didn't run on Saturday. I thought about it. I felt guilty that I didn't. I nearly pulled my shoes on once or twice. But then I would collapse back onto the couch and fall asleep again. I suck at running last week.
I did ride. Diesel wanted an early start, 6:30, and while that sounded like boiled suck I went along. Better to ride in a group, makes the miles go by faster and it helps push. Normally.
We got the base of Pupukea with me in the lead, which is always strange. Diesel was talking about how strongly I was riding right off the bat. Taking three days to rest probably played into that. But there was also another issue impacting his speed. His back tire was slowly flattening out. Right after the first big haripin he noticed the softness in his rear (tire).* So he stopped to deal with it and I went on. He'd change it and catch me before I reached the top anyway.
Somewhere along the way my energy level went from decent to basement and by the end of the climb I wanted nothing more than to go home. I felt awful, kind of sick, weird, off. I waited at the top for a minute or two and when Diesel didn't show I headed back down the hill, planning on passing him and letting him know I was going home. Never passed him. He was still at the bottom cursing at himself. Turns out he overinflated his spare tube when changing the tire, a rookie mistake he spent the next fifteen minutes kicking himself over. Personally, I was just glad it wasn't me with the flat for once. But because of the rims on his bike my spare tube was useless and he was SOL. We managed to get his tire reinflated enough to get us to Waimea Bay, where we parked and called the Grey, who had decided to sleep in, for a pick up. It was nice to chill at the beach and hang out for the thirty or so minutes it took the Grey to get to us. I could have bailed and finished my ride but I decided to hang because that sucks to just leave someone behind like that. This ain't Top Gear.
After the pick up I decided to short my ride and head home rather than get the extra mileage. I don't know why I was so out of it but I was, so I only did a little over 30 miles. Not good, especially with no run, but you know what? The Marvel Movie Marathon with geeky friends was completely worth it. No doubt.
And now for a bunch of pictures I took while at the theater. Yes, I dressed up like Batman. Why? Because Batman is a DC superhero and DC is the biggest competitor of Marvel and I wanted to try and pick a nerd-fight. Because it is fun to troll nerds.
Batman Vs Iron Man
Batman vs Cap
Batman lectures the God of Thunder
Batman helps Hulk with a smasher
Batman and Ethnically Diverse BatGirl

*Ok, that joke made me laugh in my head like this, "He he he he he."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sermon While Mounted

Run (Tuesday)
time- 1:11
distance- 7.09mi

Swim (Wednesday)
1 x 200- Warm-up
2 x 500- odd 50s-easy/even 50s-hard
5 x 100- 5, 7, 9
5 x 200- 15 seconds rest
1 x 100- Cool down

Ride (Wednesday)
time- approx. 1:54*
distance- approx. 27mi*
*internet is down at home so no Garmin data upload

I'm running better and better. But I'm not going to say that out loud. Last time I even thought it my Achilles tendon decided to pull a Val Kilmer and get all swollen and painful. Every recent run has felt better than the previous run and I'm still happy about how the 10 miler on Sunday felt. Still, there is a little worry about the AT going badly so I'm seriously thinking about cutting my runs to twice a week. I'd rather be a little undertrained but in no pain going into Honu and Honolulu than limping by the end of the race. Mileage needs to get higher if I'm going to do that.
The swim, again, wasn't fast fast fast like my ego wants it to be. But it was pretty consistent and there were a couple of laps in there where the stroke was on rails like it should be. What I mean by that is when swimming is really happening my stroke gets locked in and I'm climbing through the water. The hand does not move past the body. The hand is anchored in the water and the body is pulled over it. That is when I can tell my stroke is working. My core felt strong and tight for the most part, but there was occasional droopage. For some laps, especially in the 5, 7, 9 set, I was grabbing a big amount of water on the catch. Things are improving.
And my ride was two laps of Pineapple, the current go-to Wednesday ride. I pumped on the flats, tried to spin the climbs, and felt strong at the end. That means that I either didn't work hard enough or my fitness is getting better and better. Wind was an issue on lap one but it died by lap two. Well, natural wind. I got caught up in some kind of I'm Famous And Giving An Interview fantasy and may have talked to myself, out loud, for most of lap two. Yes, this happens when I let my mind drift rather than focusing on the task at hand. I'm sure it says all kind of things about my ego that in my fantasies I'm giving lectures, speeches, and generally pontificating. Let's put it down to a job hazard and leave it at that, shall we?
"My guest tonight, and my favorite blogger, Doug Robertson!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slow Intensity

1 x 200- Warm-up
3 x 300
10 x 100
2 x 50- Sideline kick
2 x 100- 1, 2, 3, Swim
1 x 500
1 x 100
total- 3000yds

trainer session
1 hr

I think I missed nearly every time standard I set for myself during yesterday's swim. Might have made three of them. It just wasn't happening. I fought through and modified to give myself ten seconds rest after each effort. I really wanted to pump, but there was nothing to pump. It turned into a stack yardage swim, which I also need. The muscles don't fail by the end of the workout, the technique isn't falling apart too much, but it isn't fast. It's barely a cousin of fast. My biggest concern at the moment, something I noticed during the Lanikai swim, is a lack of core strength. It seems that whenever I take some time off or relax the swimming my core goes first. A swimmer needs a strong core because that helps keep the body straight and stable in the water. I can feel my middle sinking towards the pool bottom. That's not good. It'll come back with consistency.
As for the bike, Monday has become Trainer Day. It's a good way to grab some intensity in a controlled environment and do a more organized workout. Normally. Yesterday, just like my swim, I was having a hard time getting rolling with force. I was on the bike. I was pedaling. I was sweating. My heartrate was up. But there wasn't any Oomf! behind it. I was doing ten hard, five easy, repeat, and while there was a definite difference between the two is wasn't as marked as last Monday. I'm going to go ahead and say some of the lack of power is due to Sunday's ten mile run. Gotta figure that took something out of my legs. Wouldn't you think?
My entertainment for the duration was a 30 for 30 ESPN documentary called "The Birth of Big Air." It's about BMX rider Matt "The Condor" Hoffman and his quest to ride his bike up a giant ramp and then crash to earth like a stone. Basically, if you've ever watched the X-Games, this is the story who did the Mega Ramp, but he built it in his backyard and only rode it because he wanted to see if he could. Not for sponsors, television, or fame. I bought the special edition set of 30 for 30 and it is completely worth it. There are some very cool stories. Thus endeth the commercial.