Monday, February 14, 2011

The Love Workouts (Plus Special Bonus Dirtbag Safety PSA!)

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
5 x 150- 50- 5, 7, 9/50- fingertip drag/50- stroke count
3 x 200- Pull
1 x 300- Form Focus

total- 1800yds

Drill day today. Stroke feels better but my head is all over the place and I lose my core tightness after a while. I've got to focus on that rod running from the top of my head out my feet, rotating on it as one piece, and holding my head still. I catch myself looking too far down, then too far up, creating all kinds of drag. I know proper head position, just having trouble keeping it.
Forgot that I meant to throw some IM stuff in to Monday workouts to get all around stronger as a swimmer again. Other strokes will also indirectly help my free, building muscles and cardio. Mental toughness too. Plus, my ego wants to be sure I haven't completely lost my fly. Next week.
My stroke count hovers around 14 strokes per lap, which is about two more than I'm happy with. If I can get across the pool with 12 powerful strokes, holding a 1:20/100 pace I'd be happier than a pig in whatever pigs are happy to be in. (Can it really be shit? I thought pigs were one of the more intelligent animals. Is it just that, "Pig in mud," doesn't carry the same kick? This is one of the many idioms that will be reworked or abandoned when I become King. I'm looking at you, "bee's knees.")

Ride Day

time- 56min
distance- 15.9mi

****Special Dirtbag Safe Driver PSA****
Are you confused about those yellow lights next your headlights and tail lights? Do you wonder what that lever by your steering wheel does? Wonder no longer! Team Dirtbag is here to help.
You see, those lights are called "turn signals." Also known as "blinkers" and "turn indicators" these magic lights warn those on the road around you of your intent to, you guessed it, turn. They "signal" this by "indicating" the "turn" by "blinking". See where those terms come from? I knew you would. "But Dirtbag," you say, "how does my vehicle know when I intend to turn or change lanes? Sometimes I'm not even aware I'm going to do it until its already done." Simple. Remember the lever I mentioned earlier? Sometimes it's part of the windshield wiper lever. Whats that, you in the back? You don't know that lever either? See me after class. For the rest of you, that lever activates those magic lights. Push it up to show the world you intend to go right. Push it down and everyone knows you are a left-heading person of interest.
"But why?" you ask. Well, my dangerous road-companion, if the people around you are aware of your intentions they will not try to interfere with your actions. However, should you refuse or forget to indicate, another vehicle may attempt to occupy the same space at the same time. And physics tell us this is an impossibility.
So please, go out to your car, truck, motorhome, or scooter and practice making those wonderful lights flash. Grab a friend and see if you can get them to blink in sync. But don't forget to turn them off once you've completed the turn! This too can lead to confusion. No one wants that. So practice and remember. The world will thank you and you will be one step closer to avoiding any pesky accidental vehicular homicide charges.

This has been a Dirtbag Fitness Safe Driver PSA: Helping drivers through kind words and single finger suggestions.

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