Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Stationary Ride

Cycle Day

time- 58 minutes
distance- 25mi

Bloody weather. It looked horrible out today when I got home from school and I expected that any minute the sky would burst and a downpour would pour down. So instead of hoping and riding anyway I went with Sucky Choice #2 and hit the gym for some stationary biking. This is lame. Wish I had a trainer but those things ain't cheap. Yet another addition to the Dirtbag Wishlist of Things That Won't Fit in the House and I Can't Afford. (Except that I'm a teacher and, according to the news, I should be rolling in dough. But I digress.)
So I decided to take advantage of begin held upright and did some single-leg work. Four rotations of two minutes on each leg spread out over the middle 35 minutes of the ride. That kind of hurts. I might have to try it out on the road.
Moving my rest day to tomorrow.

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