Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dirtbag Works Hard and Gets Strong

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
4 x 300- 100-5, 7, 9/100- Stroke count/100- swim w/ kick focus
4 x 250- Pull
4 x 25- decrease stroke count by 2 each (17/14/12/10)
1 x 100-Cool down

This was supposed to be yesterday's workout and normally I would have thrown it out and written a new one but it seemed like some valuable sets and I didn't want to lose them. Combo-ing three 100s into a 300 makes those 12 laps fly by much easier because I'm always thinking about something different. Mirco-goals. The 5, 7, 9 sets are getting easier, which should mean I'm getting more efficient with my O2 and my strokes. The stroke count hovered around12-14/lap, and then I tried to fire the flutter kick. My pull set was all about rotating on a strong horizontal axis and finding the sweet spot in the water. It was shaky, but I fought through and got some quality laps in. As for the decreasing stroke count 25s, lets just say that by ten strokes a lap my strokes are pretty goofy looking, but there is a ton of power going on in that pull through.

Run Day

time- 40 minutes
distance- approx. 5mi?

My Dirtbag Distance Determining Device was again out of power prior to my run due to a boring meeting and WordFeud. So I'm guessing. MapMyRide's hybrid mode doesn't really help because I don't know what the place I turned around at looks like from space. So based on how I felt and how other runs have been going I think I went around five miles. Maybe a little shorter, but not by much.
I turned around at 19 minutes and got home at 39:47, so while I didn't negative split I was pretty close to a nil fade. Pleased Dirtbag. Felt quick again today, felt strong up both small hills. Some strong gusts of wind and dark clouds threatened, but no rain again. Its nice to avoid that. Running in the rain is wet and cold. Dirtbag dislikes. I hope I can keep these runs up, it feels good to not feel too slow. Feels like progress.

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