Friday, March 18, 2011

Dirtbag Hammers Out a Brick

Brick Day
time- 1:27
distance- 23.68
time- 30 minutes
distance- 3.48

After missing yesterday's planned long run I knew I had no choice but to get a brick in today. Then it started raining. It rained all night. It was still raining this morning. Damnit. I was whining in my head about having to go to the gym and do a stationary brick. This would have blown goats. But the Triathlon Gods did smile upon me and the clouds did part. If I hurry, I thought, I can get my workout in before the next downpour. Well, close enough.
I planned to head down Pineapple Hill to Haleiwa, do my normal ride through town and back up the hill, then run. This was not to be as the rain clouds were faster than I was. It sure looked like I was in for a world of wet if I continued that way. I checked my six, it looked clearerish, so around I went. I hadn't done the Kolekole climb on base in a while so that was the new plan. No rain.
I feel strong about the climb. I got to the top in about 14 minutes, which is solid for me. The rest of the ride, to be honest, wasn't as fast I would like. Check the time. It took me an hour thirty to go just over twenty miles? Unacceptable. Must get faster.
I got home, quick changed for the brick in to running shorts and my VFFs, popped on my Dirtbag Distance Determining Device (aka: my cell phone with JogTracker) and, for a change of pace, my new mp3 player set to Megadeth, and I was off and running. Felt like I was again toking it out too hard but today I was more conscious of it and dialed my pace back some. This paid off in the end, but not as much as I would have liked. I was hoping for a zero-fade run, so I went out for 14:50, leaving myself only ten seconds to slow on the way back. Not quite. But not bad. I'd really like to negative split these runs, but we'll see how that goes. Overall though, I'm not going to complain about an 8.7min/mile after a 23 mile ride. I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about my training thus far and how prepared I am for Honolulu.
Taking the next two days off because the wife and I will be spending them in Waikiki celebrating our one year anniversary.

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