Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nice Ride And Newness

Ride Day
time- 2:19
distance- 39mi

Today was a beautiful day for a ride. Not a rain cloud was a-looming and the sun was a-shining. Got out and hit it moderately hard, I do need to pace myself on these long rides after all. The most exciting part of the ride was getting to check out how Kratos 2.0 was going to handle.
For those of you just tuning in, where have you been? You're late by like 150 posts. Go to the beginning and catch up. And for those of you with less-than-amazing memories, let us remember what happened a few weeks ago. The bike continued to act up, leading to me take the drastic action of taking it in to The Bike Shop. No really, that's the place's name. Clever, right? "What should we call the bike shop we want to open?" "I dunno, but we should choose a name that lets people know what it is." Yeah..."
Anyway, took it in Thursday and Friday it was ready. They had to replace the chain and along with it the cassette. That's the gears in the back for those of you not up on the lingo (like I was up until a few days ago). When they replaced the cassette they switched the old one, which was geared more for cyclecross, my bike's original purpose, for a new one geared for road racing. And Cycle Dirtbag, Official Mainland Parts Supplier for Team Dirtbag, mailed me a new crankset (that's the gears in the front and the pedal cranks) that was also more race-centric, the original having the same problem as the cassette. I'd give you all the numbers and tooth-count details but you don't care that much, do you? These switches mean that the bike should go faster under the same number of rpms. For me, it means that the lighter gears, the ones easier to pedal, now feel a little bit heavier. So climbing is slightly more effort but on the level I should be quicker and I no longer spin-out, run out of heavy gears and no matter how fast I pedal I'm not actually helping, when descending. All in all, I am now superduper fast!
Ok, not really.
Also, the guys at The Bike Shop removed my top brakes, which means that the only things that make my bike a cyclecross bike are the decals and the frame shape. It also means that I now have room to install my aerobars, which will happen some time this week. And then I'll be superduper fast with Kratos 3.0!
Or not.
BUT I still have skinnier tires I've been saving for the Honolulu Tri, which I'll put on after my Lanikai Sprint. Those are much lighter than the ones currently on the bike and should be faster. THEN I'll be superduper fast.
For sure.

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