Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding Fear

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
5 x 200- 3:00
5 x 50- Flutter kick
4 x 200- Build by 50
1 x 100- Cool down
total- 2300yds

Ok swim. I'm happy with how I was able to work the main set of 5 200s. Kick sets are boring but I should throw one in every week from here on out. I've seriously neglected that aspect of my swims because I'm an upper body swimmer and the other two parts of a triathlon are all legs. But I'll need my legs come Honolulu so I should get on that. As for the last set, I would start at a cruise and build each 50 faster and faster until the last 50 was a full-on sprint. This is hard because the body resists speeding up mid-set. Its easier to start fast and fade than it is to build. Which is why its a good set. Because its hard mentally and physically to go like that.

Run Day
time- 35:15
distance- 4.2mi

Overall, pretty happy with this time/distance. I still pace like a moron. Went out really hard and dragged back in. Must get better at that. Work work work.
I looked at the Honolulu Tri race map today and succeeded in making myself nervous. I forgot that the swim was a mile, which is three times longer than a sprint distance swim. Not that 1500yds is a huge distance for me, I'm plenty strong enough a swimmer to deal with it, but mentally that sounds like a long way to go before getting on the bike and then going for a run. When the big races in your sport are the Half and Full Ironman you forget than the second distance level is still a major challenge. So most of my run today was motivated by Fear of crashing during the race. My Embarrassed To Mention It Goal for the race is to not walk during the run portion. I know I can finish one way or another. But that's my smallest goal. If I can run, jog, or shuffle through six miles after a mile swim and a 20 mile ride I'll feel accomplished. Not happy, but accomplished. The bigger goal for the run is an 8:30 pace (which helps the Fear because that'll probably hurt a lot). I know my training and I know how hard I'm working. I have to depend on that and trust I've done what I can come race day.
Doesn't stop the Fear though.

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