Monday, March 21, 2011

A No Rain Ride

Cycle Day

time- 1:23
distance- 23.8mi

I feel like I'm having trouble going fast on the bike. I think I need to do a few fartlek rides and really spin it up on a flatter road, get the heart pumping, get some good and painful burn going. I realize that the kind of racing I'm training for is not that kind of race, but it will make me stronger mentally. Hey, it seems to have worked for my running.
Avoided the rain today too. Thought I was going to get soaked, went in the other direction, only some sprinkles. Good times. And yes, today should have been a swim day but my stupid alarm didn't go off and when I did wake up it was just early enough to know that if I did drag my tired ass to the pool I would have time for a too-short, unsatisfying workout. So instead I sucked it up and snuggled with the wife for another thirty minutes. Damned alarm better work tomorrow.

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