Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Lack of Expected Misery

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
4 x 200- 3:00
1 x 50- easy
3 x 250- 3:45
1 x 50- easy
5 x 100- 1:30
1 x 100- Cool down

total- 2400yds

Felt sore today. Not sure if its from the swim yesterday, or from throwing a football at a tree trying to dislodge a ball for fifteen minutes at school. (If I'm honest, dislodge two balls. One the students had gotten wedged up there, and one I got wedged up there trying to knock the first down.) Probably a little of both. Either way, felt sore and the stroke wasn't coming together as nicely as I'd like this am.
Made all my time standards except the second 250. Well, I made it, but right at the time and instead of turning and going like a hardcore swimmer I took fifteen seconds to adjust my cap, which was riding funny all morning. Think its stretching out. Less than comfortable now. Might be time to switch it out. I never used to have this problem.
I never felt fast this morning, but I got a few quick laps in. Need to be more consistent. Sets are going to get longer because I don't feel like I'm preparing myself properly for the race distance. I realize that according to the training plan I'm over-preparing, but I know my swimmer body and I know what I'm doing.

Run Day
time- 25 minutes
distance- approx 3mi

Today was one of those runs that begins with the brain saying, "Oh yeah, this is gonna suck." But that went away rather quickly. Frankly, I was shocked. I very much expected to be hating life and dragging ass for the entire run. I was exhausted after school. So much so that I avoided the couch and bed like they were infected with Tea Party lest I drop in to them and my will to live is drained from my soul. I had to fight through it and get it done.
Set a good pace to start with, decided to try and hold it. I was surprised at my time at the end of my block because it didn't feel like I was running as quickly as that time would suggest. I tried to keep my previous race run in my mind. That time was, for me, really good. Overall it kind of sucked, I don't run fast compared to most triathletes, but for me it was a good quick pace at a lower effort level than I expected. Positive thinking gets me through. (That and a little drug called Charlie Sheen. [I think those jokes have juuuust about worn themselves out now.])
I'm still displeased with my run pace overall and I don't think my training plan is properly preparing me for six miles after a swim and bike, so I'll be modifying it and making my runs longer to suit my slightly slower-than-they-think pace. Not today, of course. But I will. I will! Gotta be stronger. Gotta be quicker.
Also, I'm approximating the distance because my Dirtbag Distance Determining Device (aka my phone) was dead after school. So, like Blinkin on guard duty, I had to guess.

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