Sunday, March 27, 2011

An LSD Heavy Weekend

Run Day

time- 1:14
distance- 8mi

Great run for Team Dirtbag today. Felt pretty strong the whole time and paced it out well. My turn around was at 35 minutes, predicting a 1:10 finish baring a fade. 1:14 is a finish time I can live with. When I did eight miles a few weeks ago at the Great Aloha Run I finished in 1:24. Needless to say, this is better. I'm feeling more and more confident as I get closer to race day. After the recovery week next week (yay!) I leave the base building portion of my training and enter the speedwork and quality phase. This is where fartlek runs will start showing up on a weekly basis and I'll be trying to break my Fast down some more.
Good LSD (Long Slow Distance) pace run. Dirtbag Pleased.

Ride Day

time- 3:20
distance- 50.2mi

Longest ride I've ever been on today. I was very much inside of the LSD mindset, not trying to push, not setting speed records, not looking too much at my bike computer. I had the course planned out, and at the last minute I switched the order of things. You see, I planned on going down Pineapple Hill and doing my Haleiwa route first, then back up the hill, past home, and on to school and back. Those two rides put together are nearly 50, and I'd make up the difference going up the two mile side road by the house.
Instead I decided to put Pineapple Hill at the end and ride to school first. Why? Because I'm a masochist and if one way will hurt the other way will hurt way more. And hurt way more means make me stronger mentally and physically. I saw much suck in my future but I did it anyway.
You know what? It hurt. I was slow as hell getting up that Hill today. Talk about grinding it out. But I got it done. Wasn't happy during it, but now I've gone 50 miles on a bicycle. You know what 50 miles is? Its about how far the ride portion of a Half Ironman is. Hmmmm...
Anyway, looking forward to a recovery week, letting my muscles and joints take a little break. Then, like I said, I'm on to speedwork. This will be harder for my to plan on the bike because I've never done. So some research is in order. Also, a nap may be in order.

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