Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Should Run This Far More Often

Run Day

time- 50 minutes
distance- 5.9mi

Not a bad run today. I'm pleased with the time/distance. But my race is six miles and this is the first time aside from the Great Aloha Run that I've gotten near that distance. This tells me that my middle of the week run should be at least 45 minutes and closer to 50 or an hour and my long weekend run should be over an hour. This will be implemented toot sweet.
Pace felt good until the hill on the way back, where I slowed way down and had trouble getting it back to where I wanted. No fartlek or intervals today, just a straight ahead run. Sometimes you need long runs like that.
The whole previous workout week felt off, Monday was spoiled by rain, Wednesday I rode in the gym, and then Thursday I took off an purpose and yesterday I took off on accident. I hope this week is better but it could be funky. Spring break means no school so I have to wake up, go swim, hang out, then do the other workout. That plus the wife and I are probably going to get a hotel in Waikiki for a night or two for our anniversary means that this week could be a little off as well. Guess I need to work as hard as I can every chance I get, and get strong and mentally tough.

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  1. What about if you did one long ass workout in the mornings? Since your tri isn't spread out with rests in the middle, how would it be to do a swim/run with a transition and everything? Kill yourself for a couple hours, but good training, IMHO, for a week...especially if you know you're going to have an off day or two for the anniversary...