Saturday, March 5, 2011

Guard Dog Tri- The Pictures

Guard Dog Triathlon 3/5/11

The orange knew to fear me
Dirtbag tough guy

Love the shirt

Checking out the swim course

Goodbye! Have good mosh-pitting!

Beach run = Less than Fun

I had no idea I was so reflective

*cue Top Gear theme*

I have tiger's blood!

I will not slip and fall. I will not slip and fall...

And we're off...again!

Tangent Warning: If you look closely at the bike in this picture, you will see a dog in the basket on the back. The lady swam with the dog, put in on her bike, then ran with it. People are crazy.

It's blurry because I'm so fast. (And because of the weather)

Look past the tubby guy in yellow that seems to have beaten me and you can see me coming in for a finish. You can see the clock over the guy in white's shoulder


*(3rd place, 32nd overall)

Triathlon, t-shirt, mug, and water bottle- Priceless*

*plus registration fee


  1. definitly love the story fof the woman and her dog but i am wondering who won? her or the dog?

    good job on your 3rd place there!

  2. Hmm. I think that makes her more beast than others because she did with a dog what we struggle to do...without a dog. Whatever.

    Woo for beach runs and sticky painful things in between the toes!