Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am A Rude Swimmer

Swim Day

1 x 200- Warm-up
200- 3:00
300- 4:30
400- 6:00
500- 7:30
400- 6:00
300- 4:30
200- 3:00
1 x 150- Cool Down
total- 2650yds

I know I'm adjusting to distance when it doesn't take much to convince myself this set really isn't all that long. I mean, really, its only two 200s, two 300s, two 400s, and a 500. That's not so bad.
Ok, it kind of is a long set. But not awful. I made all of my time standards by at least ten seconds, and kept true to my mantra for the day, "Strong, Smooth, Sustainable." I was able to push at least part of every one of the swims, breaking down mental walls in the process. A lot of distance swimming (endurance anything, really) is all about knowing that you can get there at this pace, even if it doesn't feel like it. I'm closer to that mindset in the water than anywhere else because I've been there before.
As for being rude, after my 500 a nice lady leaned over my set list and said, "I'm a swimmer as well, what are you doing there?" I had about fifteen seconds to prepare for my next 400, so I gasped out, "Building by 100s on the 1:30. See?" Then I glanced at my watch and swam away. She was not there next time I came up. If she really was a swimmer then she understood. After my 400 an older gentleman sharing my lane asked me, "How much more?" gesturing back and forth. I had ten seconds to pant, "A lot." This was vague because I wasn't thinking well by then and didn't feel like counting. I made it up to him by telling him I had eight more laps after the 300.
I was supposed to run today but we went out and then got stuck in the wonderful Hawaii traffic on the way home. Now it is dark and late and I'm irritated I didn't get to run. I know people run at night but where I live is not well lit and there are not good sidewalks and I don't have night running gear. So I grumble and instead plan on doing a heavy brick tomorrow. I'll do a big ride and then run at least 30 minutes.

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