Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Feeling Much Better Now (With Special Bonus Video Link!!!)

Run Day

time- 30 minutes

Not sure how far I ran today and I really don't care. It felt good. It was hot, my stride felt strong and quick, and I negative split the run. I wanted to make it a shorter one anyway, but the training plan actually called for a 30 minute outing. Guess maybe those people know what they're talking about after all.
Today was also supposed to be a swim morning and I even packed my stuff and set my alarm last night. When it went off I thought, "You know, I missed a bike and a run, might as well go three for three," turned it off, and crashed back out. No Duh Thought of the Day: Teaching is way way way easier when not completely exhausted.
Tomorrow is normally a rest day but I plan on making it an active rest day by going for a light, short bike ride after school.
****Special Bonus Video Section!!!****
Today I received an email from the people who put on the Lanikai Tri I just did with really cool information. They have two videos made from the race up on a website free to see. I shall now copy and paste the text of said email:
And finally, VIDEO from the ANA Lanikai Triathlon is now available for you to watch online! Boca Hawaii, in association with our newest affiliate, Triathlon Illustrated, has just posted the first of two videos from last Sunday's Lanikai race. Everyone who participated in the race appears in the first video, called My Cameo.
-To see it, go to
- This will take you to the Triathlon Illustrated home page. Please take the time to read the information on the home page to get full enjoyment from these videos. It only takes a minute or so to read. Then click on the Lanikai Triathlon picture, located in the right-hand column of the Triathlon Illustrated home page, and you'll be taken directly to the video. Enjoy!

I, like everyone else who completed the swim leg of the race, am in the Cameo video. My cameo happens around the eight minute mark. Can you spot the Dirtbag? The other video, while very cool, has no Dirtbag at all. Every time is shows the field I'm already gone. Still watch it, its very cool and gives a good impression of what the race was like. But expect no Dirtbag.*

*I have no idea what the hell is going on with my font now but I can't make it look like it does above. So the font has been changed at great expense at the last minute and those responsible for the sacking of the people who were sacked have been sacked.

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