Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Run Day

time- 1:07:30
distance- 7.7mi

Bike Day

distance- 40mi

Nearly negative split on my run Saturday! The only word for that is badass. Technically, I think that's two words, but I don't care. That's how pleased I am with that run. I guess taking a few days off to let my body recover wasn't a bad idea after all. My right leg, especially behind the knee, is a little tight now, but nothing painful or awful. Feet feel great. I hit my turn around at 33 minutes, which would mean I was on a 1:06 pace. 1:07 is nearly that and that is the awesome. Its a good run to have going into my two weeks of taper.
The ride, while not as good as the run, was still pretty slamming. Turns out today is the Haleiwa Marathon. My long day bike course too me right by the end of the marathon course. Those are some unhappy looking people at mile 23. Part of me wanted to shout encouragement, but I'm not sure that's what you want to hear after four hours of running. So I let them be and rode my ride. Hope all you marathoners had fun! At least the weather was nice. Pineapple Hill was a struggle today, but it seems like its getting shorter. It still hurts, don't mistake what I say, but it hurts for less time. I think it took me 36 minutes to get all the way up it today, which is a long time to climb. And I know it wasn't as fast a climb as I've laid down in the past. But once at the top I was able to find some more push and keep on keeping on with a positive outlook and tired but not blown out legs.
I need to do some reading as far as how the taper section of my workout should go. I know intensity drops considerably, but that probably happens in a gradual manner. Two week until the big race. Should be fun!
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  1. Sounds like your IT band might be tight. Ever try foam rolling it?