Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feel the Burn

Ride Day

time- 1:52
distance- 28mi

Tried to make it hurt today. I guess what I've been doing the last few days has been good because I woke up this morning sore. Haven't had tight legs in a while.
Fartleked my ride today. Not a whole bunch, but a few times. Got low and as aero as I could, shifted up a few gears, and started pumping my quads hard. Went up Kolekole in 14 minutes. Felt good...until some dude blew by me without even breathing hard. Twice. Well, three times if you count him passing me on his way down the hill while I was still struggling up. The other was when I was on a second lap through base, not including the climb this time.
So today was a strong ride, tore me up pretty good. I need to keep having rides like this, but longer distances, and I'll start feeling better about my Olympic tri that suddenly seems very close.
I passed three young girls jumping rope while riding by the residential area of base. They were singing a common jump rope rhythm and counting song. It got me wondering, how could Cinderella dressed in yellah possibly have mistaken a snake for a fella upstairs? I think this rhyme might not be appropriate for children. And if I'm right then what are all these doctors doing there? "Hey, we heard you're kissin' snakes up here."

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