Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Slow, Frustrating Day with a Happy Ending

Ride Day

distance- 27mi

Today started off so well. The fit of the bike was right and felt good. The weather was cooperating. All was right with the world for about twelve miles.
Then the damned derailuer started acting up again. If you've been paying attention you will remember that Kratos will sometimes refuse to shift from the small ring to the big ring. Well he made that choice again today and it really pissed me off. I'd had this problem fixed a few times. They go in, turn a few screws, Allen a few bolts, and viola, fixed. But I don't want to have to keep dragging the bike to the shop once every month. Stopped on the side of the road and tried to fix it. Thought I did. I was wrong.
Then I noticed that I'd missed the Haleiwa Metric Half Century (62 miles) today. I didn't know it was happening until I rode by the staging area. This would have been a cool ride to go on. Aside from the whole my bike won't shift thing. So I stopped, said hi to some people that I knew, and found out their mechanic, who I hoped would fix my problem, had just left. Major bummer. So I pounded back up Pineapple Hill, grumbling to myself the whole way, fighting a massive mental game. The mechanical issue really threw me off today. My head was not in this ride at all, resulting in a crappy ride. All I could think about was how annoying it was that I was going to have to take the stupid bike back in to the stupid shop and stupid grumble grumble. This type of inner conversation is not conducive to a strong workout. In fact, I cut my ride short by ten miles because I didn't want to waste time getting it fixed.
I need to get my head back on straight. A huge part of this sport is being mentally strong and I can't let little things throw me off so badly.
Once I got home I busted out Zinn and the Art of Triathlon Bikes, which Super-Awesome Sexy Wife bought me a few weeks ago. I hoped this would have the answers I was looking for. And lo and behold it did! Showed me exactly which screws to turn in which directions and quick as you can say, "I'm so very glad I didn't throw the bike into the truck and drive to the nearest bike shop and pay for someone to do this," it was fixed. So yay for SASW buying a book which has paid for itself a few times now, and yay for me being savvy enough to actually use the book. Can't recommend the Zinn cycling books enough.
Next week I need to get some quality rides in. Also, one week from today is my final tune-up race, the Lanikai Sprint Tri. Should be a good time.

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