Thursday, April 7, 2011

BRS- Hawaii is Up and Running!

This just in, you're favorite Dirtbag is now one step closer to winning the internets. That's right, I am the Chapter President of the Barefoot Runners Society Hawaii Chapter. I didn't even have to show a birth certificate (little Hawaii birth certificate humor there. Course, I was born in Californi but whatever! At least I wasn't born in Panama or something. Whew!)!
This development not only makes the Hawaii Chapter of the BRS the most important chapter, but also the most awesome chapter. That's right, we are waaay more awesome than even the Minnesota Chapter. All they've got is a paleo, kit-wearing superhero. You can also check us out on Facebook using the link to the side of the blog.
So if you are a barefoot or minimalist runner in Hawaii like us, come on by the BRS forums, and come for a run or two.

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  1. Go BRS-Hawaii! Don't worry Dirt, it takes time and work, but your chapter will grow and become uber awesome like a certain chapter in Minnesota.