Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Bear In the Woods

Swim Day

1 x 50- Warm-up
2 x 300- 4:30
1 x 500- 7:30
3 x 50- Sideline kick
2 x 400- 6:00
4 x 25- stroke count -2
1 x 100- Cool down

total- 2400yds

Sometimes swimming just feels like loading yardage on to my body. But sometimes that's what I need. As strong as I've felt this week on the bike on and foot is as weak as I've felt in the water. I can't help thinking that I shouldn't be focusing as much on the swim and I shouldn't be expending as much energy during my swim workouts as I am. Instead I should be saving myself for the afternoon rides and runs. And I think that is hurting my swims. Today's workout started out strong, I was feeling good, but after not too long I didn't feel like I could slam through the laps like I should be. My head wasn't in it. I kept thinking, "I should focus on my run after school. I should take this down a little to save energy. I'll be in the top third or quarter out of the water based on experience. But all those people are going to pass me on the road. Better to spend energy there." This isn't false. My biggest race problem is that I'm so much faster than many of the athletes during the swim that I get out and through T1 early. But they are cyclists, and I'm still more like a guy on a bike. So they pass me, which isn't great for my head. Since I know now and I expect it I don't get bothered by it any more. But still...
So swimming is becoming a challenge because my focus is being pulled elsewhere. Still laying down a sub-1:30/100 pace though. Can't complain.

Run Day

time- 31 minutes
distance- approx 4mi

Fair warning: the title is true.
The run started so well. Strong pace, good mindset, decent turn-around time. Then...all of the sudden...The Voice. We all know The Voice, some better than others. Sometimes is is quiet at first, warning and whispering.
Not today.
Today I took a swig of water, it hit my stomach, and The Voice said, "You should find a place to stop NOW!" Lucky for me there was a trail leading off the road not ten yards from where I was and I quickly ducked off. After checking to be sure no one was coming and that I was well and truly hidden from the road I, well, guess. Want a clue? Endurance athletes call it a Code Brown. Clear enough?
I think it might have been something I ate during my meeting today. There was a cake and I had a small piece, realizing too late just how much of the cake was made of lots of milk product. I popped a Lactade pill and felt fine. Or so I thought.
Damn cake.
I walked a little, hoping to feel better, but this was in vain. After my third stop I called for backup and Super Awesome Wife brought the truckulance to the rescue. Guess I'm lucky that there are high bushes and a deep trench in the pineapple fields along the road I run. Not fun. And annoying because I was having such a good run. The goal going forward is to not think about it before my next long run Saturday or my race Sunday. It was a freak thing due to a poor dietary choice and that is that.
Stupid cake.
On a more positive note, my new VFF KSOs came yesterday and I ran in them today. Feel great, fit great. Black this time because they had no green in my size. Pictures to follow.

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