Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleeping In, Runing With Fartlek, Making Adjustments

Run Day

time- 40:51
distance- 4.74mi

I know, I know, today was supposed to be a swim day too. I had alarm fail. I don't know why. The worst part is when I have alarm fail I wake up on my own with just enough time to get to the pool, change, and swim an unsatisfyingly short workout before I'd have to get out and get ready for work. So I went back to sleep. I plan on getting up tomorrow morning instead.
My training plan has me moving from the base building phase into the speed/quality phase, so I'll be knocking out one fartlek run a week. For those of you with no reading retention, fartlek is Swedish for "speedplay". It also means "word which will make the wife will stop asking you what you did on your run". So after ten minutes of warm-up at a good pace I picked a landmark and sprinted to it. And so on.
Sprinting in the VFFs is a tricky thing. Too much and I'm going to hurt myself. Too little and its not a sprint. So I'm watching my form while I'm also trying to spin up my cadence and use my hips for a slightly longer stride. I'm not unhappy with today's run. I didn't feel that fast, but its my first speedplay run in a while. Didn't finish as strongly as I would have liked either.
Once home I stretched, showered, and set to work adjusting Kratos. First, the handlebars had to be dropped. So I loosened them up and took off the spacers raising it a few cm. Not enough. I took the bar all the way off and flipped the stem, dropping the bars a few more metric units. The hardest part was tightening everything back up so we were level and in line. Think I got it.
Next, I tackled the seat. It needed to be leveled, so I fooled around with those bolts, getting it right. Then I raised it just a smidge, checked it, and raised it just a smidge more. Hopefully, these changes will give me a slight aero and power improvement. I'll be riding with my two magic Allen wrenches for the next few days just in case things aren't quite tight. I think the real reason all adjustments went so smoothly is I didn't say the famous words of that world-renown philosopher Clarksonius before starting, "How hard could this be? Honestly."

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