Saturday, April 16, 2011

Redemption Running Before a Race

Run Day

time- 52 minutes
distance- approx. 6mi

Felt excellent today. And while I didn't negative split my run, it was pretty damned close. When I finished my right knee was kind of sore, but nothing bad. It was a strong run.
Tomorrow I've got my fourth sprint tri, the Lanikai Sprint. Picked up my race packet today and it came with a very nice t-shirt and a cool swim cap I have to wear. That's right, I'm such a swim dork that I just described a cap as "cool". After today's run I think I'll be able to pump pretty hard tomorrow. Good dinner tonight, tofu tacos. Episode of Doctor Who. Then prepare my gear and get as much sleep as possible. Waking up tomorrow around 3am. Its a good drive to the race.

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