Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Kneed Work

Run Day

time- 1:08
distance- 7.24mi

Moderately annoyed by today's run. I planned another eight miles like last weekend. But the whole run, the whole week really, my knees have been funny. After my run Thursday my left knee tightened up pretty good and it took a bit for it to relax. Well, tightness set in after about 40 minutes of running and by the time I started walking, with home nearly in sight, the left knee was at a point where it wasn't hurting, but it wasn't doing what I wanted either. I decided to err on the side of caution. What is most disappointing is that the run as a whole wasn't working for me. There were stretches where I liked my cadence, I felt smooth and light and strong, but overall this was more of a drag than the last time. Which happens.
I'm wondering if the knees are sore because I broke one of the rules. I might have grown my run too much too quickly. The furthest I'd gone up until two weeks ago was six miles. I bumped that to eight all at once. Probably should have gone to six and a half or seven first.
Tomorrow is a ride. Feels like I haven't been on the bike in forever, but really its only been since Monday. Hope my knees don't bother me too much. Riding puts a lot of pressure there. Guess if I get pain I'll knock off early. Probably time to ice a little more.

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