Friday, April 22, 2011

Skinny Tires

My new tires are skinnier than the cuts on Emo Kid's arms. (Originally, this joke was "...skinnier than Emo Kid's jeans," but this is funnier.)
I bought skinny racing tires for Kratos two or three months ago but decided not to put them on until after the Lanikai Tri. That way the majority of my training would be done on thicker, heavier tires, making me stronger. So when I switch, the new tires would be one more thing pushing me towards faster. So on Tuesday, between my ocean swim and my slow fartlek, I spent some time putting them on.
They are much skinnier than the ones which used to be on the bike, as you can see. That means less ground contact, which means less friction and less weight. During yesterday's ride I'm not sure I could tell if there was a huge difference, but the bike looks faster and it does feel lighter. And the red trim looks Dirtbag Badass. With Kratos 4.0 up and rolling, we are prepared to make the jump to light speed.

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