Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lanikai Sprint Tri Photo Blog

Lanikai Sprint Tri 4/17/11

$90 t-shirt

$90 Swim cap (which I'm too excited about)

I'm 203! (Came in 110 out of 354, which isn't bad)

Look at her pretending to be happy to be up at 4am for a race she's not even doing and which she won't be able to see but a fraction of! I have the best wife ever.

Transition area prepared and ready for greasy-fast transitions

The water was perfect. And as far as you know that guy in the front is me.

The first stolen from the official race photographer's website picture. Pretty sure that's me on the right taking my cap off

Nice short run from the water to T1

See? Told you.

Helmet. Shoes. Shades. Blow nose. Go!

We had a long T1 jog to where we could actually mount the bikes. Running in cycling shoes sucks.

Stolen picture #2. Climbing the hill on K-Bay Marine Base.

Stolen picture #3. Watching some dude pass me while climbing the hill.

Speed bumps are not so much fun when racing. Off to the run!

Race was filled. Huge transition area.

In the words of a fictional plumber, "Here we go!"

Stolen Picture #5 I could feel the guy behind me catching up and turned it on

Stolen Picture #6 I love my face in these two shots. Total game face
(Also, note the massive heel strike of the dude behind me. Bad form)

Rock star finish. Excellent action shot by the wife.

Posing out

Posing out like a ninja


  1. What was the race photographers website?

  2. Tri Cook- promise not to report me? ;)

  3. No worries. It's driving me crazy looking for the pics.