Sunday, August 21, 2011

Running in Cruise

Run Day
time- 48min
distance- 5.16mi

I am not fast right now. I was never fast on foot, but right now I'm really not. I guess I'm not trying to be, because my focus is on the upcoming RoughWater 2.3mi swim and Honolulu Century ride, but it still bothers me. There has been little-to-no suffering during any of my runs so far and that does need to change. Today I kept a very steady pace, but it was 9:20/mi. That sucks for me. I have to run better. So here and now I'm rededicating myself to making it hurt, finding thresholds and breaking through them. My runs won't be as long comparatively as my rides or swims, but they should still burn.
Again, I'm digging the Runtastic app on my phone. I really like the pace/altitude graph. If you're in need of a decent fitness app, I suggest checking it out. Free download. Here's my stats for today. Ain't great, but I can't be too hard on myself. I will, but I shouldn't.


  1. I would be happy to have your slow pace as my fast pace! My best 10k average is only 10:32! I am just a slow rookie! Ha ha... I don't swim fast either, but it feels a lot easier on my body than running.

  2. Wow, a fade every mile, regardless of elevation. Gotta work on working it a little more every mile.

  3. I know, I know. Focus wasn't strong, will to suffer wasn't strong. I need to do some research about stomach cramps during running because even when it doesn't happen I worry about it, which I'm sure changes how I run. It makes it harder to run without fear.