Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Talking to Myself

Run Day

time- 42 min
distance- 4.5mi

Today started out with a decent pace. And it finished with a decent pace. But no where in there did it become a difficult pace. Let me explain.
School started last Monday. Today we had meetings. And then I had extra post-meeting meetings. And then I did some prep for tomorrow. And then I went home to run. But I was still in meeting mode. Tomorrow, I plan on grabbing my principal's ear about some things I need to discuss. So I spent the last 2.25 miles of my run talking to him. Out loudish. While running. This does not an efficient runner make.
Knee felt a little tight after I got home, but there is no pain, so no worries. Keep and eye on it.
Big swim Saturday and I need to out on the bike Sunday, so I'm going to double up tomorrow with a swim before school and another run afterward, then rest Friday.

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