Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Scoops Kolekole

Ride Day
time- 2:11
distance- 33mi

Rode home from school today. I like being able to do this. It's certainly better than having to drive home, change, then go back out. Saves some time, doncha know. Kunia road north is way lotta much easier to work when there isn't forty miles already sitting in my legs. Still wasn't awful quick, but it didn't hurt like it can. On to base from there and up Kolekole Pass. This was my first serious climb and I like going back to it a few times a month to get a direct feed on my improvement. Felt strong getting up today and my mileage back down at the bottom was only around 20, out of a planned 30 minimum. Well, I didn't get to ride Monday and was feeling the itch so I flipped Kratos around (for those of you just joining us, Kratos is my bike) and did it again. The first time up took about 14:30, and the second time faded to nearer 16:00 or somewhere in the high 15 minute range. Still, not bad, not bad. Every time I do it I feel lighter longer, more able to spin with a good cadence at a deeper grade.
From there it was the normal route home. The only special notes would be the weather and nutrition. I think next time I'm doing 30+ from school I should bring along a GU and take it right before or near the front end of the ride. I was starving by the time I got home and I'm sure that effected me out there. As for the weather, it was overcast most of the ride and started sprinkling/raining for the last two-thirds of my time out. Nothing irritating or dangerous, just enough to make my ego think, "Yeah, hardcore cyclist, gettin' it done out in the elements." My ego can be kind of a spaz.


  1. I haven't had a chance to ride Kolekole yet. I hear its a butt kicker.

  2. If I read that correctly, you're biking Kunia road, which makes you...ummmm...let's just go with "brave". :) Kunia is one of the most dangerous roads to bike/run on. The cars show NO respect on that section.

    If you want some company biking or want to go on a new route, I'll be heading out for a longish ride Saturday morning. Not sure where you live, (but I assume Central), but I'll be going by Dole Planatation (heading -->Haleiwa) around 0620. If you're interested just drop me an email. You can get me on on using first.last@gmail format. Last name is Price.

    Oh yeh, A GU takes 20 minutes to hit the system. A few minutes before a long hill climb or just before the swim on a race is a good time. :)

  3. Don't I know it about Kunia. But I live in Wahiawa, so that is one of the few choices if I want to get anywhere. And I might take you up on that ride offer. How long is longish? I'm looking at about 67 miles Saturday.