Sunday, August 7, 2011

BRS-Hawaii Meet-Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, the BRS-Hawaii Chapter is active. Today we had our first meet-up run and I'm thrilled. It was small, only Ron the Unclad Lad and I were there, but it's a start.
Starting from the Mililani 24 Hour Fitness we ran for 33:54, going just over three miles at a moderate pace, allowing easy getting-to-know-you conversation. This wasn't about working out as much as it was about a meeting of similar-minded runners and running smiley. Ron had a victorious run, going further than he had since he got back in to running a few months ago. I admit, I ran in my Bikilas. Hey, its how I train. I race in them, so I run in them most of the time. I'm not a full-on barefooter like Ron is. But I think next time we meet I will do the run bare. Why not? Its a good time.
I hope more Hawaii BRSers can come next time. We are looking at a month from today as a tentative date for our next group run, September 4th. 

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