Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Stronger

Run Day (Sunday)
time- 31 minutes
distance- approx. 3.5mi

Ride Day (Monday)
time- approx. 1:33
distance- 30.5mi

Just a quick workout write-up before I pass out. Today was the first day of school, so that on top of my 30 mile ride has Dirtbag tuckered out.
The run Sunday went well. I'm still not running with a GPS yet, or going further than 30 minutes. Making sure all the foot and knee muscles are strong and ready to rock before I start pushing it. No hurry. After my first run back my calves were killing me. Oh yeah, minimalist running activates that muscle group a whoooole lot. Forgot. Led to, "Honey, why are you walking funny?" questions from the wife. She understands. But after Sunday's run my calves feel fine. No soreness anywhere in my feet either. I think after maybe another week of shorter runs I'll start slowly bumping time/distance up. Running will be the least-focused on discipline in the coming months, but I can't forget it.
Cycling, however, will become the major focus very soon. I have registered for it yet, but there is a century in September I have my eye on. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Which means the quicker I can get my base back the quicker I can start stacking miles in to my legs. Looking forward to it.
Today's ride felt pretty good. Not great, not fast, but good enough. I jumped on the gas a few times and by the end of the ride my legs were feeling it and having none of that foolishness anymore. They'll learn. Had to take a traffic detour and play Dodge The Car, every cyclists favorite game show, and that slowed my overall time down. Plus, I think I forgot to start and stop my watch at all the lights, which is why my above time is approximate. Close enough for theater work.
On a final amusing note, as I was coming to the end of my ride I was passed by a much faster cyclist. The back of his jersey, in big bold letters, read, "Don't Run Me Over." I want one.

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