Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Adjustement Ride (and Pictures of Stuff I Bought!)

Ride Day
time- 3:31
distance- 57.66mi

Longest ride I've ever done. I'm pretty proud of that. In fact, every Saturday from now until my century should be my new Longest Ride.
There was some adjustment stops along the way though, but all in the beginning. You see, dear Dirtbag friends, after my Wednesday ride I decided my seat needed to come forward a smidge. Turns out, I may have gone a smidge and a half. So after 20 or so minutes I stopped and readjusted. Still too far back and I hadn't leveled the seat correctly, making the nose too high. This would have been tolerable, exept I was planning to spend another three hours up there and some of the time would be spent in an aero position. High nose + aero position = much manly bit discomfort. So I stopped again and fixed it again. I think that did it because I felt much better afterwards. I also think that the seat is back to almost the exact same spot it was before I "fixed" it on Wednesday. Someone take my Allen wrenches away before I hurt myself.
Pineapple Hill was good. So good, in fact, that I missed the final climb. As in, I thought to myself, "I should be near the top here soon. Wait a tick, there's Dole. Huh..." There is no attacking the climb on Saturdays, but even without that it is getting easier and easier. This is good. I looped on base to add the right number of miles to last week's effort, then went down and back to school.
Nutrition wasn't as strong as last week. I went with a three bottles again, can't carry any more without buying an under-the-seat cage, and filled one with Hammer Heed Melon. It's got 100 calories, which I figured would be good for me to take in, but the calorie intake from a water bottle is different than the direct shot from a Gu gel, which I also took one of. So I had a bottle of Heed, a Gu, and a Clif Bar in three pieces. Same as last week, plus the Gu. Figured that would be good enough. Not sure it was. I was feeling more tired this time around. Nutrition timing wasn't as on, I left bigger gaps I think due to Heed-overconfidence. Next time I'm bringing two Gus, along with the Clif Bar and a bottle of Heed. That should be better.
No link to the Runtastic page today. It seems three and a half hours of GPS is too much for my phone battery. It didn't quite all the way die, but it missed some spots and isn't accurate.
Looking forward to getting a bigger slice in seven days.
And now, pictures of all the stuff I bought from IT&B on Friday. Much thanks to Background Profiles, it was their money.
Gu, HEED, tubes, and anti-chafe glide for running. I'm a triathlete

The Melon only slightly tasted of melon. Could have been much much worse.

The Mandarin Orange actually wasn't too bad. Not YUM! but not ICK either.
Note to White Dummy: Wear sunscreen on long rides.


  1. Nice ride! Are you doing the Honolulu Marathon? I really wanted to do the Century, however, I decided not to do it due to my marathon training schedule.

  2. I'm not doing the marathon. I'd do a half first, and the furthest I've ever run is the Great Aloha Run. Right now I'm training for the RoughWater swim and the Century, so if I stacked marathon training on top of that I might as well go for an Ironman. There is a marathon in my future, but not yet.