Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To Run

Run Day
time- 41 minutes
distance- 4.5mi

Nice out and back today. I'm starting to feel stronger now, less out of shape. There still isn't much fast, but there is more potential for fast. Soon I'll be able to start my fartlek runs and I'll be bothering Fit Life for go-fast workouts. I need to suffer more during my runs and get my speed going. I want to be running six to eight+ miles every or nearly every workout so that when the Honolulu Tri (and any other Olympic distance) comes around again my base will be strong and I'll be able to pump harder than last year.
Ok, I'm tired, Colbert is on, and I'm digesting my non-vegetarian sushi dinner. Time to chill.


  1. You will soo get there! Be patient on that speed, it will come! :)

  2. How many miles are in your legs? Weekly, I mean? I don't want to inspire any kind of plantar fasciitis if you're short on base. Otherwise, let's get your fast on!