Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tacking on the Yardage

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
5 x 200- 3:00
5 x 50- Sideline kick
5 x 100- 1, 2, 3, Swim
1 x 500- 7:30
1 x 400- 6:18
1 x 300- 4:38
1 x 200- 3:00
1 x 100- 1:19
1 x 100- Cool down
total- 3500 yards

Plenty good distance for the Dirtbag today. And most of it was quality work. I made each of the 200s in the first set, though never by more than five seconds, and that shows growth already. I knew my swim would come back quick.
During the ladder I only made my time standard for the 500 and the 200, and missed it way wide on the 400 and 300. Not too upset about that though. I was working hard, trying to keep the core engaged and the stroke long. Core always feels weak the longest and it is an underrepresented muscle group when it comes to what make a swimmer fast.  A strong core is a solid stroke.
I am getting some elbow twinges. I do whenever I'm gone from swimming for a while and come back to it, or when I up yardage considerably. It's not an injury concern, just an annoyance. Makes it hard to push. It will go away as those small muscles and tendons strengthen.

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