Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unfocused and The MaccaNow Foundation

Ride Day
time- 1:26
distance- 25.5mi

I'm not terribly pleased with today's ride and I have no one to blame but myself. Who else would I blame? You? There is lots of non-work frustration at work and it occasionally follows me home. I've written about it before. So part of today's ride was spent talking to nobody, sometimes out loud, which isn't great for my breath control or pacing. Annoying when I realize what I'm doing, try to bring myself out of it, and then find myself doing it again five minutes later. I need to be stronger. Still, guess it's better than sitting on the couch having that same conversation with myself.
In other, more positive news, Dirtbag Fitness has decided to throw its not-not inconsiderable weight behind The MaccaNow Foundation, a charity conceived by Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack. From the website:

The MaccaNow Foundation is set up to commemorate Chris McCormack's mother who passed away from breast cancer in 1999.  Our initial intention is to raise $2,735,373 to provide assistance to families who are in active treatment for breast cancer in order to lessen the financial burdens and improve their quality of life.

This initial goal is based on Chris' mother having been alive for 19,455 days which multiplied it by 140.6 (# of miles in an Ironman) = 2,735,373.  Please help us reach our goal and donate today.

 Dirtbag Fitness has connections to families like the ones this foundation supports and, while there are many worthy causes out there, this one strikes close to the heart. My ability to donate and our team might be small, but just as a triathlon is made up of many single strokes and steps stacked on top of one another towards an end, so too can this goal eventually be achieved.
I've set up a permanent link to The MaccaNow Foundation on the sidebar of this page. 
*gets off soapbox, puts it back under couch*

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  1. This definitely hits close to home, thank you so much for doing your part in finding a cure for this horrible disease!! Every little bit counts and during a time of economic downturn it's amazing to find someone like you who continues to give back. Thank you again :) And I still owe you a logo!!