Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starting to Gain Milage

Ride Day

Time- 2:27
Distance- 40mi

The century is registered for and now every moment in the saddle my focus shifts towards going the distance. Every ride I need to be a little longer out, and feel strong for more time. Today was a good step towards that goal.
The route started normally for my long weekend rides. Down to Haleiwa, around town, and back up Pineapple Hill. We are reaching the fitness point where this climb isn't as brutal anymore, though today's wind sure didn't help. There are points where there are trees acting as wind breaks, and points that are wide open pineapple fields. Wind blows and spokes hum and Dirtbag struggles to stay centered. And I repeat to myself, "It does no good to complain about the wind, it is my friend, it only makes me stronger."
Sometimes that works.
Up and past Dole, the climb from Haleiwa to there taking about 36 minutes, which means faster than last time. Then its on to Wahiawa, on to Schofield Base, and home. I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but mayhap I have. There is a small climb heading north from Wahiawa proper to where I live. The road dips into a gully, crosses a bridge (this is all under a half mile total), and then climbs out of the gully. But that climb going north just sucks massive amounts of sucky sucking. It's seriously a couple of hundred feet, not far, but the grade at the end of a ride feels massive. Or I'm a big whinny pants. Could be that.
Good ride all around, decent time. I'm looking at a three hour 50 miler, which means if I don't fade too hard, a six hour century. That's the unofficial goal that I might still be bummed about if I don't make it.

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