Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finishing and Turn-Over

Swim Day
1 x 150- Warm-up
10 x 100- 1:30
1 x 500- 7:30 (7:45)
1 x 50- easy
5 x 200- build intensity by 50
1 x 1000- 15:30- Focus focus
5 x 100- Strong stroke, pretty stroke
total- 4200 yards

Run Day
Time- 35 min
Distance- 3.88mi

More longness going on in the pool today. I wanted to increase my ability to focus and be present, hence the 500 and 1000. I fell off the pace during the 500 a little, but I was tired from the 10 100s right before hand. The 1000 I thought I would miss by a lot and came in at 15:30. The goal for that set, as you can see, is a Focus focus. The final set, 5 100s, was mainly to stroke check. I'd been noticing that I wasn't finishing all the way past my hip and, therefor, was losing important power at the end of my stroke (called the "finish," for obvious reasons). So I spent three of those making sure everything was going where it ought too, even when tired. And then I decided to blow my doors off and attacked 100 number four. Pulled it in at 1:14. Not too shabby. My swim ego screams that it needs to be under 1:10 for me to even think about being happy with it, but the rational part of my brain knows I never swim like that and that's a pretty damn decent time.
The plan for the run was...there was no plan. Run hard. It's not a great plan, but it is one that will make me faster, stronger, and more able to suffer. So I went out and ran hard for 35 minutes. My cadence isn't where it ought to be, so I thought about getting that kick turning over quicker. Think it worked ok. My Runtastic stats say my pace was a 9:02/mi. But it looks like a constant pace. Guess that's better than a decreasing one. I didn't know how good of a run it was going to be at all when I set out. My hammys were killer tight. Never judge a workout by the first five minutes.
*Gross Side Note* You never fart once during a run. If you start farting, its going to come back to get you a few times. And it might make you giggle. After all, you're running away from it. Who cares? Hey look, a bus stop! Hehehe.


  1. Holy cow! Awesome swim session! Long and fast. I would be hard pressed to do all those yards in a pool. I did 4400 slow yards in the ocean last week. After I got out of the water, I thought about how I would be able to do that in a pool. Dude, I give you big time props! Not only for doing that yardage in a pool, but also for your speed. Way to go Man!

  2. Wow, kickin swim! I need to get back in the water. I haven't swam since my race

  3. Much thanks. Getting tired of all this yardage though, I'm looking forward to nailing the Waikiki Roughwater and then cutting my workouts down and really concentrating on a quick 600 yards for my upcoming Sprints.