Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wherein I Forget What Pacing Is

Run Day
Suggested time- 25 minutes
Actual Time- 27:03
Distance- 3.19mi

I was very excited about my run today all day. I was planning to kick ass and take names. I would even have chewed bubble gum if I had any. I'd eat lighting and crap thunder. I'd...completely forget everything I know about pacing, blow my load in ten minutes, and have to fight through that shit the rest of the run.
I started out really hard. Fast fast pace, for me. Which I wanted to do. I need to get used to running fast and running tired. But there is a difference between that and what I actually did. I could hear, really faintly, a small voice in the back of my head whispering timidly, "umm, uh, you know...uh, I really think this, uh, may be just a smidge too fast, uh, maybe." Ego Boy ignored him. He would not go away, however. In fact he got louder, but it didn't get any easier to hear him over the sound of my huffing and puffing. I'm pretty sure he was alternating between laughing at me and cursing various members of my lineage.
The second half of the run reeked of sucktitude. I made my turn at 12:30, which was a little later than it should have been made, maybe a minute late, but Ego Boy still thought that he could make it back. Then the hill that really hasn't been a problem for most any of my runs gave me issues. So slow the whole way back. Felt like it was to the point where I wasn't even breathing hard any more, but I couldn't run any faster because my legs wouldn't.
I know it was in my head at least 50%. If I hadn't realized so violently mid-run that I severely mis-paced this whole endeavor I may have been able to pull it together better. Alas, I could not. I did all right at the end, but not great. The map from JogTracker posted above will give you times at certain points if you mouse over and click on the blue markers. You can watch as my run deteriorates.
Oh, and I've been meaning to mention that my posted run and ride times and my JogTracker times are slightly off because I have to start the app on my phone, put it in my arm carrier, then start. Running this takes just a few seconds (unless I put it away, then fiddle with my watch or shoes, then start, but rarely a minute difference, if that), riding it takes a little longer. There, solved the Mystery of the Screwy Times. You're welcome, America.

Weight Day
(all with 0:45 rest between sets)
3 x 15 Single arm Shoulder Press- 25lbs*
3 x 20 Bosu Ball Explosive Squats
3 x 15 Single arm Bench Press- 40lbs
3 x 20 Explosive Lunge
3 x 15 Single arm Pull-Downs- 60lbs*

*25lbs on the Shoulder Press is too easy. I either have to up the reps to 20 or up the weight to 30lbs. Think upping the reps might be the right choice since I need to be training the muscles for endurance. Same for the Pull Downs. Opinions?

Pretty good lift day, especially considering how blown out I felt after the run. It's good to left after running. Condition my body to work past tired. Not sure how much longer I'll be lifting twice a week though. Bricks start soon and though they are on cycle days I may not be feeling weights the day after. Maybe I'll do it for a few more weeks then drop weights all together three weeks before the race. Help aid recovery.
Looking forward to my swim tomorrow. Easily my favorite discipline. Wonder why.

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  1. You need o be long and lean, not big and bulky. Up reps.