Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Feel Healed

Run Day

Time- 30 minutes
Distance- 3.2mi

Ok, so not the fastest or furthest run I've done, but it is the first pain-free run I've had in weeks. That's good enough for me today. I cruised at a fairly easy 10 minute mile pace. This, like I've said before, isn't good enough for the race but it'll do for today. I'll start pushing, carefully, next week. Sunday, my next run day, is 55 minutes. That's going to be more of a run strong and survive strong kind of run. First time I'll run with water as well, which should be interesting, but not too difficult. I should be able to cover at least six miles.
My foot was a little sore at times during this run but never bad. And right now it doesn't hurt at all. I'm going to ice, I think that's going to be a regular thing now, but not for pain, only as prevention as proscribed by Sister Dirtbag, Official Trainer of Team Dirtbag. Also, on her suggestion, I spent about half of this run on the grass next to the sidewalk rather than on the sidewalk. This lessens the impact of my stride and feels better.


3 x 20 Single-arm shoulder press- 25lbs
3 x 20 BOSU squat
3 x 15 Single-arm pull down- 100lbs (cable machine)
3 x 20 Lunges

For some reason it felt like forever since I'd lifted even though it's only been a week. Weights felt fine but I think I'm at the end of my lifting cycle for the tri training. This is my last Thursday run according to the guide I'm following. Next week my brick training gets heavier and the run portion gets longer, so the training guide drops Thursday all together since the run happens after the ride. So starting next week Mondays are transition practice days and Thursdays are the rest days. Depending on how I'm feeling about my running I might ignore that for at least one more week and run again next Thursday. Either way, I don't think I'll be lifting any more, which is fine. That energy is better put towards the actual race disciplines anyway now. It'll be strange for me to not lift, but I'll have to get over it by kicking my ass in the swim, ride, and run workouts.


  1. WooHoo! Glad everything went smoothly and you are taking it slowly and carefully. Tomorrow is tri month - can you believe it? I'm so excited for you son.

  2. Good job. Just listen to your body, and do what it's telling you to do.
    Are you going to train early to practice being ready that early in the morning? I would do one or two swims crazy early if you can, just to get yourself used to being up and ready to rumble at o dark hundred. I know adrenaline will play a big part on race day, it will just be nice to know your body's reaction to exercise that early, since you haven't really done it.