Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eat Dessert First

Cycle Day
Time- 77 minutes (suggested 80min)
Distance- 17.82mi

Beautiful ride today. Any time you can crest a climb and get a stellar view of the ocean, while smelling pineapple, that's a good ride. Sure beats listening to artillery the whole time. (I forgot to mention that in my last ride report. Its one of the perks of riding on a military base.) Nearly the entire front half of the ride was downhill. Very little climbing. Thats because Haleiwa, my turn-around point, is basically at sea level. I have no choice but to go down. It was fun, like descending always is. The road isn't quite as wide on the shoulders going that direction as I would prefer, but its not awful. I knew I had to pump going there and on any flats I got to because if you go gotta come back up. I made it to my turn-around in about 24 minutes.
From there it was nearly all climb. According to it's just over 1000 feet of up from there to my house. Not too bad, but not easy for me. Not yet. And its not a straight climb. Its up, then it levels out of a little while, then up, and so on. I tried to keep my cadence up and work the ride the whole time. When I reached the top of the climb, around Dole Pineapple Factory, my quads were telling me whats up but I fought through and feel like I kept a pretty good pace all the way back to my house. Had to stop for the first time in the whole ride at the light turning left back to my street, and when I started again I though my legs were going to cramp up. Oof. But they relaxed and I managed to finish pretty hard, considering.
Since it took me about an hour to get back, and my brick workouts sometimes call for an hour ride before the run I may be having Stitches drive me to Haleiwa and drop me off. That way I can ride home, leave the bike safe at the house, and then go for my run.
*Note: I posted the route because it shows elevation. If you want to know my pacing I did use the Jogtracker app on my phone while I was riding. So if you go to my account, which I thin you can access from any of my run workouts where I've posted the Jogtracker map, you'll be able to see time-to-distance markers and get a sense of pace.
I also stretched but did no core today. I'm going to do core work on swim days. Trying to do it at home after a ride, there's just too much going on. Easier to do at the gym.

Injury Report Update
Chances that I completely overreacted yesterday morning regarding my foot pain are sitting at about 97.6%. I just overran Thursday and my foot was sore the next day. That's all. It barely hurts now, though I'm still taking ibprofen and icing to help it heal. I'm still going to do my cardio on the eliptical tomorrow anyway, just to let the foot get all the way better before I start pounding on it again. That'll teach me to forget how to run. Pain is the best teacher*

*Dirtbag Tough Guy Saying #714

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  1. That is a long ass ride Doug. Great work. Happy to hear your foot is better - go Team Dirtbag!