Sunday, September 26, 2010

Testing the Wheel

Run Day- RW

Time- 16 minutes
Distance- 1.5mi

I know, I know, I said I was going to use the elliptical one last time today. But the foot hadn't hurt at all in two days, including spending all day on my feet yesterday at the air show. So I decided that, it being a recovery week and all, I could test out the foot and keep the run shorter than suggested.
I ran slow and easy, stayed on the grass as much as possible and the foot was mostly ok. Started to get sore in the one spot right at the tip-top where I've been feeling it about halfway through the run. Not painful, not at all like the last time I ran, but sore. So I came home and took some Advil and am between icing sessions while I type.
I'm trying to be positive about this. It's been nearly two weeks since I've run at all, and over two weeks since I've completed a run with zero discomfort. So I should expect that the foot would be sore. I have Monday off, Tuesday is a swim, Weds is a brick. So I have until Weds to run again, and I'm going to run again nice and easy. Hopefully those extra days to recover will help the foot finish being sore all the way. I'll keep icing even if there is no pain, and talking encouragingly to it. Right now it's slightly sore, but only when I flex the big toe up. Standing and walking are painless. So, we'll see. Need it to feel better so that I can get back into good runs. I don't have much time, but its enough to prepare for three good miles.

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