Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thou Shalt ReLearn Breath Control

Swim Day
Suggested Difference- 700yds

1 x 100 Warm-up
4 x 200 Technique (50- swim, 50- 3, 5, 7, 9, 50- fingertip drag, 50- quick and smooth)- 3:30
1 x 300 hard- goal time 4:00 (actual time 4:10)
1 x 200 Cool Down
Total Distance- 1400yds

Today, if you remember my last swim posting, is a technique-focus day. So my main set, while somewhat challenging, was all about getting my body right and my stroke fixed. The process hath begun. I forgot how well the fingertip drag drill works when it comes to raising the elbow and getting the reach in. The 3, 5, 7, 9 breath pattern kind of sucks in that I'm getting to the 9 off the wall, so I've got no breath into the wall, flip and seven to nine strokes off the wall. Kind of hurts, and kind of pisses me off that it hurts. I need to do some more anaerobic work too. So much to do, so much to do.
I'm ok with my 300 time. Not thrilled, I really feel like I should have been able to get it down to 4:00, but that's ok. I was pumping, I worked hard, I tried not to kick much. It'll get there. Stronger swims every time.
Also, first time I've really had this problem: Old people in my lane at the gym. I nearly ran a guy doing the slow aqua-jog down. I know, I know, they paid for their membership too. But can't you see the determined, tattooed wake headed your way? I want to see you way up on the edge, pops. Circle swimming does not exist in a gym pool because most of the people there a) don't know what that is b) are too slow for it to work right c) don't actually swim at the gym pool, they jog/bounce/float/drift. This makes swimming in a crowded pool more difficult. He got out of the way pretty quick and so it could have been worse and I can't complain any more about it. ...no...no, I won't complain...no

Stupid old man, swimming in my pool. Jerk.*

*Crotchety Old Dirtbag Moment of the Day

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  1. So skip the 3 breath, just do 5, 7, 9. So you should get a breath in before the wall, but have to go 5 after...just a thought...