Friday, September 3, 2010

The Flash's Cousin- The Average Speed Guy

Run Day
Suggested Time- 40 minutes
Actual Time- 38:20*
Distance- 4.35mi

*I miss-timed my turn around and got back to the gym earlier than I expected.

Good run again today. Went out hard, maybe a little too hard, but I think its good for me to pump at the beginning, then I have to fight at the end. And since the run is the last leg of the race, I'll be fighting during it anyway. I also like my route because as it takes me away from the gym it takes me downhill. In fact, the second fifth of the run today was descent, which means the fourth fifth is ascent. So I'm climbing at the end when I'm tired. This forces me to maintain my pace through lactic acid build-up and control my breathing even when I want to be huffing and puffing. But my pace again is below the 10 minute mile I was stuck at. Felt like I slowed way down coming up the steepest part of the hill on the way back, had to keep digging in to stay focused and get my stride rate back up where I needed it. Got much farther today than I have any other day. This makes sense, since it's my longest run thus far time-wise, but it still feels good to do. I actually made it farther than I expected. It's pretty neat to stop, check my jogtracker and see over four miles. It was also nice to miss-time my turn around. I turned at 18 minutes out, figuring on a fade since it's a climb back up and I'd be tired. Well I faded, but not as badly as I thought I would. Go me. Guess next time I can run a little farther before I turn.
I'm enjoying running like this. I don't worry about the time until I start checking my halfway point, and then I only check to be sure I'm on pace to be back when I want to be, and rarely do that. Going somewhere, having visual checkpoints to pass, sooo much better than going nowhere on the mill for however long.

Weights (rest time between sets 0:45)
3 x 15 Shoulder flys- 20lbs
3 x 20 Bosu ball squats*
3 x 15 Seated row- 120lbs
3 x 20 Lunges*

*Explosive! Hard! Pop that back up! Oof...

My legs weren't nearly as sore today as I expected from yesterday's ride. Guess that means I should be pumping faster up the hill. (Note to self: Don't be a wuss on the hill, get to pedaling, man!) And I know that my running and cycling are developing my slow twitch muscle fibers, but I need fast twitch too. What if I need to call on a quick sprint for some reason? Gotta balance the muscles and the training out. It'll make me faster in the end. Hence the fast, hard squats and lunges. You'll notice a lack of chest work today. I was blown out, the machine that I wanted to use for my chest was constantly in use, so I skipped it.
Swim tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Bought some sheet protectors so I can write my set down beforehand and bring it out on deck with me rather than try to remember what I wrote in my notebook. Also got a balance ball ($10 at Target!!! Megascore!) and that'll be great on core days, and for just sitting around on. Been wanting one of those of my own for a long while. I want a Bosu ball and some medicine balls too. That's right, I need more balls. More balls! Big ones, little ones, heavy ones, and a half one. *AC/DC in background* Oh I've got big balls, and he's got big balls, and she's got big balls, but we've got the biggest balls of them all!
*wanders away from the computer singing*


  1. You absolutely just continue to amaze me son. WOW again.

  2. BOSU's are espensive...but awesome. We have them at the clinic.

    Med balls are pricey too. What you CAN do if you want them at home, is take cheap inflatable balls, and fill them with water. That way, they are unstable, because the water moves when you move the ball, and that develops more stabilizing muscles. Just a thought. :)