Friday, September 17, 2010

The Tattooed Wake

Swim Day

1 x 150 Warm-up
2 x 150 Pull with paddles- 2:15
3 x 500 Swim- 7:45
1 x 100 BCY Kick set
1 x 100 Cool down
Total Distance- 2150yds

Today's swim was the opposite of yesterday's run. It was clicking like nobody's business. Felt really strong in the water today. I'm thinking part of that is my lackluster workout yesterday, but I don't care. I feel great compared to my self-pitying rant 24 hours ago.
The main set today was the 500s. This is a tricky distance. Much too far to sprint, too far really to go all hard the whole time, but short enough to keep a high pace the whole time and survive. The swim leg is 0.9mi total, though broken with short runs to the next lagoon, so I need to be preparing my body with longer and longer sets of unbroken swimming. I'm also going to look again at the race because if its four lagoons over one mile, that's about 550yds a stretch. But if its the four lagoons, turn around and do them again, then it breaks down to 200yds and some change each. So I can include in my training intense bursts over shorter distances (200+yds) with little rest, along with the longer distance main sets like the one above.
Speaking of little rest, I did not get little rest today during my 500 set. I got A TON of rest. I was as shocked as you are. I came up with the 7:45 time standard by basing it on a 1:30/100yds pace (7:30/500yds) and then including some fade. I was killing these things, getting nearly 30 seconds rest each time. I couldn't believe it. After the first one I was sure I'd miscounted and skipped a 50. But I ran the times in my head while I was swimming and it always came out right. My pace was simply great today. Very swim-positive.
Oh, and I had the middle lane all to myself today. The pool nearly all to myself, with just some fat guy struggling away off to the side. I love having the center lane all to myself. So nice. I'm sure that helped with my pacing too.

Core (0:45 rest between sets)
3 x 1:00 Plank
3 x 5 Fitness ball Plank Crunch (hold plank with feet on the ball, then roll knees up to chest) followed immediately by 5 Fitness ball Plank Twists (plank position with feet on fitness ball, crunch then roll knees to one side until parallel with ground, release and do same for other side)

My foot is still kinda sore. Iced today at school. Icing again in a minute. I don't wanna talk about it. I'm in a good mood right now.

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  1. Going back to the basics, son - what you know inside and out. Glad to hear you're more positive today.